Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stoney Creek Joyful Snowman Final Finish

Final finish because all the embellishments have been attached.

Two black buttons.
Two black beads.
Three red beads.
Two gold charms. Heart charm says Merry Xmas.
Three gold snowflake buttons.
Eight small gold beads.
Thirty-five large gold beads.

Made a change.  Chart said to use DMC #3371 for hanger for the charms. Stitched it.  Didn't like it.  Seemed too dark with the gold charms.  Used gold metallic thread instead.  Liked that instead of the darker colored thread.

Got the piece all finished and while viewing it kind of wished I had used blues instead of the suggested greens for the checkered area of the design.  Think blue would have looked better.  Green does work with the rest of the design, I like blue though.

It's done.  I can take it off the Q-snap frame and file away the threads and leftover beads and buttons.  I can move on to the next project.  Not sure what that will be right now.  Have four stitched finishes that need to be framed and one machine sewn project to finish.

Joyful Snowman
Stoney Creek
28ct Ice Blue Jobelan, DMC and Specialty Threads with Embellishments
Stitched 2 over 2
Started 11/26/17
Stitching Completed 12/12/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design - 16
Plan to Finish as a Bell Pull with a Tassel

In other news...

Was to have traveled for a dental appointment (has been rescheduled to January) but the weather had the final say.  Storm has moved in.  High winds, snow and ice on it's way.  It's winter time here.  The older I get, I'm not so daring when it comes to driving long distances in bad weather.  I have to travel 2-1/2 hours for my appointments and when my appointment is early in the morning, it makes for a very early get up and get ready time.  Not a problem.  Driving back home though can be very tiring especially if I've waited awhile before being called to be seen.  I could ride the van but after experiencing what I did in the medical facility regarding me being a van rider the last time I rode it (nothing negative about the driver, the van or other passengers) I said enough, I'll drive myself the next time around.  Up to this point I've been pretty positive regarding my experience with the VA.  I no longer feel that way.  I will say that I can understand a precious veteran arriving at the point of frustration with treatment and care received from providers and administrators within the VA Health Care System and feels that the only way to handle things is to take their own life. They voiced their concerns, tried to get help and no one helped them or if they were helped they were pacified (listened to but not heard) in an attempt to silence their voice or concerns.  How insulting!!

Now folks, suicide is not an option in my life so don't go there with your thinking regarding me.  God tells me in His Word that He orders my life.  He knows the steps I take.  He knows the end from the beginning and He, He alone, will determine when and how I will draw my last breath, not me.   I have come to see (and experience first hand) that respect and dignity for the veteran and accountability for one's actions (how they treat the veteran or respond to the veteran) while employed within the VA Health Care System is not a given for all.  Some are there just for the paycheck and folks, that comes across in their attitude and treatment of the veteran.  They truly don't get it when it comes to the veteran and believe me folks, as a veteran we know it, we see it and we hear it.  And folks, I'm not alone in this way of thinking - I've visited and have interacted with other veterans that feel the same way. Those that truly care about the veteran are far and few between and when I meet them, it's wonderful.  Truly wonderful.  Refreshing, actually.  I could say more and truthfully would like to say so much more, but won't because some just don't or won't understand.  Some don't care because it doesn't involve or impact them.  Believe it or not, that's okay.  I know what my reality is.  I know what is truth and is true.  I know what I'm dealing with and while it's just me, it's not just me.  God knows.  That's enough.  God knows.  Doesn't matter what someone else says, does or thinks.  I know.  God knows.  I'm good.

Enough of that.  I've said all I want to say regarding that subject matter.  Will stay with my needle and thread work.

Moving on.

Will turn on the radio and listen to music, work on getting my threads filed back into their respective place, go through my kitted up projects to see what's next, pull out the pieces to be framed and start on one of those.  Will be a low key type of day.  It's nasty outside.  Might make some beef stroganoff using a new to me recipe.

For a smile...

Leah being Leah.  I am so enjoying this kitty.  She's been with me now one year.  Has adjusted to being here.  Has her routines and does her own thing.  She's a good kitty and a wonderful companion.

Do apologize for the quality of picture.  Some days I can get a good one.  Some days, not so good.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Stoney Creek Joyful Snowman FINISH

Put the last stitch in ten minutes before midnight.

The stitching is finished.

Need to attach beads, two buttons and two charms.

Joyful Snowman
Stoney Creek
28ct Ice Blue Jobelan, DMC and Specialty Threads with Embellishments
Stitched 2 over 2
Started 11/26/17
Stitching Completed 12/11/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design - 15
(need to attach beads, buttons and charms)

I'm tired but the stitching is done, my needles are parked and once this post is posted on my blog, I'm going to bed.  I've met my goal for this week.  Was a quiet day.  It snowed here today.  Watched it from my living room window.

While stitching today, had the Lord answer a question regarding a situation (non-family related) I'm dealing with.  The answer came to me crystal clear and once it was revealed to me, EVERYTHING made sense.  EVERYTHING.  I love it when the Lord does that.  I needed that answer.  No, more like I had to have that answer.  Having it puts things in perspective and I know He's heard my prayers.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Stoney Creek Joyful Snowman WIP

All the snowflakes are done.  The sleigh and runner is done.  I bought this design years ago for the word JOY.

Straight pin with pink head is where the bottom edge of stitching will be.  Almost done.  In looking at my chart, don't have any more backstitching to do.  After the section of greens (working on that now, had part of it stitched, realized I was off by one stitch, took it all out and am restitching it) will be stitching V of design - white pearl cotton x's and flowers.  Then I can attach the beads and buttons.  YAY!  

Goal is to have it finished (stitched) by the end of the week. 

Regarding final finish for this piece - bell pull with a gold or blue tassel with a white wooden dowel rod and end pieces.  Will be a first ever for me - haven't made a pointed bell pull before.  Have been thinking on fabric choices.  Want wintry, something blue and white.  Maybe a little green as in holly or pine cones or evergreens.  

Joyful Snowman
Stoney Creek
28ct Ice Blue Jobelan, DMC and Specialty Threads with Embellishments
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 11/26/17
Progress as of 12/10/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design So Far - 14

Drove north yesterday and picked up my new floor stand from Stitchville in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  Will say this about that store.  WOW...just WOW!  Such service and so professional.  Beautiful shop with so many pretties.  I arrived late in the day close to closing time and I wanted to be back on the road and out of the twin cities before it got dark so I didn't peruse the shop for goodies.  The floor stand was a sizeable purchase.  There will be other times and having a GPS system (such a wonderful invention!) to use in my car when I travel to the cities, I will revisit. 

My new stand.

A Needlework System 4. 

It's nice.  So far, so good.  Like it.

It's so lightweight and portable.  Not complicated to compact and store.  Several different places to adjust angle or position.  Like that it fits under the chair I sit in to stitch.  Like that I don't have to unscrew and then tighten up knobs to reach the back to end my thread.  I do a waste knot type of stitch when I start with new thread, but I do run my thread through the stitches in the back when I end my thread. 

Adjusts angle of stand.

Adjusts width of frame - goes from 8" to 17".

White pieces are "hollowed" out and Q-snap frame sits inside. Really like that!  Expands or contracts (adjust width) with silver tubes.  This flips so I can access the back.  Secure.  Doesn't flip flop.  Moves when I push or pull my Q-snap frame.

Adjusts angle of Q-snap frame.  Just align the teeth of the racket system and tighten tri-knob.  It's tight, secure, doesn't wobble or fall.  HOWEVER, if not done properly, it can strip the gears thus loss of holding power for lack of better way to say it.  Nice system, secure system but I have been overly cautious and careful when I have worked with this feature of the stand.  It's not replaceable as in being able to change out this element of the stand.  When it goes bad, a new floor stand and Q-snap frame holder would need to be replaced.  It's metal, not plastic. That's good. 

In use at my chair.  Can pull up as close to me as needed.  Can easily slide it out and away from the chair.  LOVE that it fits under my chair.  LOVE that I can work with the angles adjusting it to where it works best for me to stitch.  So nice to two hand stitch again.  Oh, love that it's not a big frame in that it doesn't take up alot of space.  It holds my Q-snap frame securely so I can stitch.  Nothing fancy but very functional.  That's all I wanted - something to hold my Q-snap frame so I could two hand stitch, something to fit under my chair, something that I could adjust working angle and height.   Don't need added floor frame accessories, i.e. trays and such.  My mobile cart by my chair holds my stitching threads and accessories.  My clip on the little table by my chair holds my chart. 

Not in use, but did purchase for when I use my wooden hoops or do a project on stretcher bars.

Do want to thank Vonna from the Twisted Stitcher.  I emailed her and asked her a question after reading her review on this floor frame.  Click Here  I also viewed a YouTube video by Organic Granny who did a really good job of explaining how the frame works and how to set it up.  Click Here

I've made large purchases this year in regards to my sewing or stitching.  A new Babylock sewing machine and serger.  A new sewing cabinet.  A new floor stand.  Don't foresee me doing that in 2018.  In fact, all I really want to do in 2018 is work from my stash.  I have tubs of fabric for both machine sewing and cross stitching.  I have threads and patterns and charts galore.  I've been blessed and on my drive back home yesterday I talked to the Lord (I do that when I drive) and told Him that I was grateful for His blessings in my life.  I thanked Him for a safe trip, the wherewithal to purchase my new floor stand, thanked Him for the enjoyment of working with needle and thread - a gift and talent I don't take lightly or for granted.  Tears came because through it all, I know His love is constant and never ends.  He's been good to me.  So. Very. Good.