Friday, June 23, 2017

Grime Guard Mailings

Will use this post and update it when I send out a new batch of grime guards.  So please check in periodically to see if your name has been posted.

These are being mailed in a small yellow bubble mailer. I ask that you take care when opening so as to not cut the contents.  Once you get yours, please take a minute or two and let me know you got it.  I would like to know it got to where it was supposed to go.

Oh, want to say I tried very hard to accommodate your color or theme suggestions.  If I didn't have it in my fabric inventory (didn't have any cats, dogs or paw prints), I substituted with something else, something that was colorful, cheery and springy or summery.  Do hope you like what was selected and sewn for you.  Was kind of fun to go through my fabric inventory.  Found pieces I had forgotten about.

Sewn in the order I received your email with your mailing address. Once I hear back from you that you got your grime guard, will delete your emails and mailing address.

Happy stitching, ladies.

Mailed out 06/26/17...

Linda - blog contact - heard from, has received
Laurawa/Laura - heard from, has received
Abbie B - blog contact
Ladyirismom/Leah B.
Faith - blog contact - heard from, has received
Catlover/Pat - heard from, has received
Kmk711/Karen in MD - heard from, has received

Mailed out 06/23/17....

Lestitch/Laura - heard from, has received
Cjstitches/Cathy - heard from, has received
Twistedxsr/Linda#24 - heard from, has received
Gearyhome/Pat G. - heard from, has received
Msbless12/Kim in NY - heard from, has received
Kmb911/Karen - heard from, has received
Moonstar/Donna - heard from, has received
Aleida/Aleida - heard from, has received
Tnmimi/Carol - heard from, has received

Have 12 left to do.  Will start on these on Thursday (had pt appointment on left shoulder 06/26 and 06/28 and was gone for medical appointment all day 06/27).  Working to get the final batch in the mail by July 1st.

Doing these is teaching me about my new machines and I'm loving the process.

Leah has stayed closed by on the carpet while I've sewed.  The weather has been nice here.  Have been able to have the doors open, blinds open and there's a gentle cool breeze blowing throughout the house.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Winners of Grime Guard Giveaway

This contest is officially closed.

The winners are...

Surprise. :)

All of you.

Each person (either from posting on the stitching message board or contacting me through the contact form on my blog) that entered my giveaway contest will be receiving a Q-snap frame grime guard or if you specified you would like for a set of scroll rods, you will be receiving one set of scroll rod grime covers.

Now here's what I am asking from those that entered.

I need you to email me with the following information.

1.  Your mailing address.  Where do you want me to send it?

2.  If you didn't specify a color, please do so and if you would like a certain theme such as Christmas, autumn, spring, dogs, cats, etc.  I will try my best to accommodate your request.  As I said in my giveaway, I will be using fabric that I already have in my inventory.

3.  I will make these in the order I receive the emails providing the mailing address information.  I bought small plastic yellow bubble mailers and will use them for mailing through the U.S. postal service.

4.  I will post whose have been sent as I mail them.  My goal is to have these all done and in the mail by July 1st.  I do have a few personal commitments prior to the 1st, but these don't take long to do and I should be able to meet my goal of  July 1st.

Now, ladies...please, again, I say please, let me know when your grime guard arrives.  I just want to know it got to where it was supposed to go and in one piece.  Unharmed.

In closing, please know once I've heard from you that you got your grime guard cover(s), I will be deleting your email.  I don't save or keep emails or addresses.  Just wanted to reassure you of that.

Have a great day.

Friday, June 16, 2017

GIVEAWAY - Grime Guard Covers

I've been blessed.

I've wanted an air-threaded serger since hearing about them.  I was able to purchase a used one in excellent condition.  It's a Babylock Imagine that uses four thread cones.  Nice machine!!

Wanted to upgrade my sewing machine and discovered that the local sewing business had a sale going on with their machines during the month of May.  Was able to purchase a Babylock Presto sewing machine.  Has wonderful features and nice attachments.

Wanted a new cabinet.  One that was all wood and had drawers.  Found one and liked it.  Has a lift for the sewing machine and drawers in a vertical column on the left side.  Wanted an acrylic insert that fit the opening of the cabinet and butted up against my sewing machine.  Was given that free with the purchase of the cabinet. My cabinet and insert will be delivered the first part of July.  .

I've received sewing/stitching goodies in addition to some very pretty cards in the mail from individuals.  It's summer time and the weather is so beautiful.  It has been wonderful to hear the cardinals sing and see the pretty flowers.  Leah, my kitty, whom I adopted November 2016, is turning out to be a wonderful companion.  Love her bunches.  I am starting to feel better physically.  Have a good medial team of health care providers.  It's a good day.  God has been good to me.

I want to pass on a blessing and spread a wee bit of sunshine.

I enjoy machine sewing.

I am going to give away seven (my favorite number) grime guards.  Can be either for a Q-snap frame or scroll rods.  You pick the color (will use what I have in my fabric inventory) and size.  One grime guard/scroll rod set per person whose name is drawn in the giveaway.  Open to any stitcher on this planet.  Will send anywhere.  UPDATE - please state if you would like to win a Q-snap frame grime guard or a set of scroll rod grime guards and what size.

Will draw seven names on Wednesday evening, June 21st.

Will work on getting them all sewn and mailed out by July 1st.  Will be mailed in a small bubble envelope.