Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sewing Gadget

Today was a very productive day. 

Got the binding machine sewn on all four sides.  All that is left to do is to hem the binding on the front side and I will do that by hand.  

Some gadgets can be considered, I think, a toy.  Some gadgets are simple to use and sure make the task so much easier.  In sharing about this gadget, am not endorsing it, haven't been paid to advertise about it nor do I remember where I purchased it.  I think I mail ordered it.   

In preparing the binding for my quilt, I got out a little machine I purchased over a year ago.  Picture shown below was taken in my former sewing room and also shows a second gadget in the background - a bobbin winder.

Didn't have to get out the ironing board and press long strips of fabric, the machine did it for me.  I bought this gadget because I wanted to do bindings using matching fabric for doll clothes that I make.  I like having matching binding around the neck or armholes in the little outfits.  Binding that is available through the local fabric store is usually a solid color and comes in only a few select widths.  

I got the machine out, read the directions, set it up and used it.  Liked it.  Handy little thing.  Will definitely use it more. With the machine I bought several different sized clip widths.  Can make binding 3/8" up to 1-1/2".  

Rolled and fed through the clip, pulled over to on top of the roller.

Top piece above heat plate in place.

Turned on and waiting for green light.

Green light is on.

Pushed the run button.

Binding ready for the quilt.  

Back - sewn on 

Front - pinned ready to be hemmed by hand.  Will do tiny stitches.  A hem stitch.

In closing, if you would...if you believe in the power of prayer and believe prayers are answered, I ask prayer for a special friend (he's 82 and a brother of a married couple that my sister is very close to) of my sister's who has gone missing in the northern woods of Minnesota.  He went blueberry picking.  He's been missing since Thursday, August 1st.  Search and rescue teams have been searching since Thursday. Family members found his thermos today but not him.  Sis said there are two known wolf packs in that area along with active bears.

~Abbie and Gracie~