Friday, November 17, 2017

Waxing Moon Designs Stitching Mends the Soul WIP

Ever had a design that with every stitch, or so it seemed, something went wrong? 

Nothing bad about the design or designer.  I like Waxing Moon Designs.  Just with stitching this piece I've wanted to throw it a couple of times due to being so frustrated with it. Not one of my better moments or stitching experiences.

First a suggested thread color not working out and having to find another after stitching a large area of one of the design elements.

Stitching and finding out the count was off, having to take out stitches in more than one place.  More than once.  Stitching sections two, three and yes, even four times.

Thread tangling and knotting.

Folks, this piece, when done will be a relief!

Just have to finish the apron and the lace at the bottom.   Would like to have this finished by the end of the weekend.

Having shared all that...Stitching Does Mend the Soul.  I do like to stitch or machine sew.  I do like working with needle and thread.

Tried to take good pictures.  It's overcast here today.  Such a dreary day.  Changes in the weather really mess with my fibromyalgia.  Today will be a low key, do little day.  Not even sure I will stitch and if I do, it won't be for very long.

Needle minder from MixingItUpwithDBL, an etsy artisan.  I use needle minders when I stitch but now when I put up my stitching for any length of time, I park my needles in the fabric.  Don't want any more lost needles.

Stitching Mends the Soul
Waxing Moon Designs
32ct Light Mocha Quaker, GAST and DMC Threads
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 10/10/17
Progress as of 11/16/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design so Far -  9

Sunday, November 12, 2017

I Found It!!

Thank you, dear reader for your prayers.  They were answered.

Every time I thought about "where is that needle?" my mind would go to my stitching cart that I have by my stitching chair.  I had vacuumed the floor.  Had done several sweeps over the carpet using my magnetic wand.  No needle.

A little while ago, I laid down my stitching, got up out of my chair, wheeled my stitching cart into the kitchen and started taking everything out of the cart.  One by one.  Item by item.

Nothing on the first shelf.

Nothing on the second shelf.

Nothing on the third shelf.

Beings I had everything laid out on the kitchen table that I stored on the first shelf I went through all the pouches, jars, bags...then...

in the yellow basket...

in the small decorative box where I have a few items stored...

attached to the small case of earth magnets...

was the...


I found the needle!!

I started crying.'s been found and Leah is safe.

My mind is totally at rest regarding this little item.

Folks, sure not a biggie in the whole scheme of things.  BUT...

God heard a prayer and He answered.

God is Good!  So good.

Reminds me of the time when I lived on campus and my husband has just died.  The memorial service was over, I was back home and several of the ministers from different ministries on campus came to my door asking if they could help in any way.  I shared that we had lived in married student housing and because I was now considered a single student I would have to move to different housing on campus.  I was given a nice two bedroom unit, but needed manpower to do the lifting and moving.  Several of the ministers and young men from their respective groups came on a Saturday morning, in the cold, and moved me from one part of the campus to the new area.  In my grief and having to handle or deal with alot (and doing it on my own), I had forgotten to take out the CDs from our CD/stereo unit.  The men moved it.  When I had everything connected back together and plugged in, I went to turn on the unit and the turn table wouldn't move.  It was jammed.  There was NO way I could open the trays to get the CDs out.  No way to force the drawers open.  No way. Period.  I just sat there.  Alone.  On the couch.  Missing Phillip.  Dealing with everything.  Wondering what the next day would bring and I said, "Lord, I need to hear the music today.  I need to be comforted by the ministry of music today.  I cannot and don't know how to fix what has happened to the stereo unit.  I ask you, Lord, please touch that stereo, straighten it out and let the music play. In Jesus Name, Amen."  I waited.  I didn't touch anything.  Then...

I physically HEARD the CDs drop into their respective holders, the player turn ON and the music PLAYED.  Believe what you want.  I KNOW what I experienced.  God was real then and is NOW.

The little things matter to God.

I praise Him.

I thank Him.

I give Him glory, honor and praise.

HE IS GOOD!  His mercy endureth forever.

Folks, I have tears running down my face right now.  I live alone.  I have Leah.  I don't have someone to talk to face to face in the home and cuddle up close to or be hugged by.  I deal with stuff on my own.  Trusting people is not done at a drop of a hat in my life.  I have reasons for that.  Good reasons.  I've walked through some hard trials and severe fires.  Learned a thing or two.  But through it all, I've not been alone.  God has been there, is here and will be here.

So yes, finding a needle is a big thing.  A real big thing.  It just lets me know God heard a prayer and answered.  He's real.  Very real.

A Happy Dance

Technology...when it works.  It works and life is good. 

When it doesn't.  I get frustrated. 

Today...there's cause for a happy dance.

First, the sun is shining.  It's a beautiful day here.  Got a good night's rest.  Leah is good.  Was playing earlier in the morning.  Made a batch of one of my favorite pasta salads.  Uses shell macaroni, cherry tomatoes, bacon bits (splurged as I no longer eat pork and haven't since last spring), shredded mozzarella cheese, thawed frozen peas and buttermilk ranch dressing.  Cook and drain the pasta.  Lightly coat with Miracle Whip.  Set aside.  Mix together one package of mozzarella cheese, one package of bacon bits, one package of peas and coat with buttermilk ranch dressing as desired.  Fold in the pasta.  Chill before serving. 

Got the header for my blog the way I want it.  Shared some of my favorites on it.  Took me awhile to remember how to use the graphic program.  I had forgotten how.  Saved how I did it this time.  Will be able to reference it for next time.  Pictures include some of my finishes that have special meaning for me. 

Lord, thank you for letting me see the colors.  My first ever cross stitch design that I stitched.  Have done this design more than once down through the years.  I am thankful God has blessed me with my talent with needle and thread.  Without Him, my attempts would be nothing.  He supplies the wherewithall so I can stitch or sew.  He blesses me with the ability to create and finish each piece.  It's not my ability.  It's His.  I give Him glory for that.  I am so thankful for that.  I do enjoy working with needle and thread. 

Harvest Time ornament - favorite time of the year and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all the holidays. 

DMC floss - my favorite colors - yellow, blue, green, purple.  Yellow is my all time favorite color.  My living room and kitchen is done in shades of blue and white. 

The two doll dresses are ones that were special to me and my favorites of all I've sewn thus far.  Both dresses were gifted to little ones that enjoy their dolls and playing dress up. 

Two long vertical cross stitch pieces - one is a Stoney Creek design.  Stoney Creek is right up there on the list of my favorite designers.  I have stitched alot of their designs.  This design was the first POM series I did.  Have done three since then with a few more in my to do pile.  The other one - Bless This House - hangs in my kitchen and is a prayer for my home.  "Bless this house O Lord we pray.  Make it safe by night and day.  Bless these walls so firm and stout, keeping want and trouble out.  Bless the roof and chimney tall.  Let thy peace lie over all.  Bless this door, that it may be ever wide to welcome thee."  The charm - With a Thankful Heart - was custom made by an Etsy artisan from London, England. 

The baby quilt and fleece sleepers - I sew quilts, baby and young children garments.  Each one that I've sewn has been gifted to a little one to enjoy. 

The schoolhouse - another Stoney Creek design.  I collect porcelain schoolhouses and was an elementary school teacher at one time.  Teaching holds a special place in my heart.  I come from a long line of teachers and farmers on my dad's side of the family.  My maternal great great aunt and her husband did missionary work in China.  She taught, he preached.  I have her diaries and some pictures of her when they were in China. 

The cup cozy, grime guard and needlebook are examples of other machine sewn work I've done.

In addition to figuring out how to do the blog header, I put in a few stitches on the lace that's on my current design I'm working on.  Feel better about it.  Actually feel better today about the loss of my needle (see yesterday's post).  I've done a thorough vacuuming of the floors, ran my magnetic wand over the living room carpet several times and still no needle.  I've prayed about it and if it's on the floor, it will eventually show up.  If it's been sucked up in the vacuum cleaner, it's gone.   I'll just have to be more aware and more diligent regarding my needles when I cross stitch.  Keep a better eye or watch on them. 

Where I was before taking out the stitches. Don't like how it was turning out.  Couldn't see the lace from a distance, thread color was blending in with the fabric.  Plus for it being labeled oatmeal, it had a pink tint to it.  Oatmeal isn't pink.  It's like an off white or beige or some such thing, but definitely not pink. 

Notice all three needles on the needle minder. 

First few rows along the top of the lace are done.  It shows up better using the DMC threads.  Like it alot better.  Can see the lace.  It's not a bright white or cream or ecru, but looks aged and vintage.  Will work on finishing up the lace today and then start on the woman sitting in the chair cross stitching.  Would like to have this one finished by the end of the week. 

My supplies for a cute Stoney Creek snowman banner should be here by the middle of the week and I would like to start on that.  I also want to pull out my VERY large design by Bucilla and get that set up to start working on that.  It's a countryside scene with a church and trees.  Beautiful.  Was gifted the kit.  The chart is HUGE.  Double sided.  I want to make a copy (gasp...yes, I do make a working copy and do destroy those working copies) of the thread list and symbols so I don't have to flip back and forth when I stitch.  Plus, I want to work with a more manageable sized chart.  Like a letter size piece of paper and NOT a counter sized chart/page. 

Only two needles on the needle minder.  Will still use needle minders.  Like them.  In addition to using them for holding my needles, I use them to hold my needle threader. 

Stitching Mends the Soul
Waxing Moon Designs
32ct Light Mocha Quaker, GAST and DMC Threads
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 10/10/17
Progress as of 11/11/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design so Far -  5

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Waxing Moon Designs Stitching Mends the Soul

It does.

Prayer does too.

Stitching when it's quiet, peaceful with no distractions is very therapeutic.   I think about things and organize them in my thoughts when I stitch.  I reflect on prayer requests and do converse with the Lord while stitching.  There's just something to working with needle and thread.

Speaking of thoughts...reflecting on it being Veteran's Day and remembering those who served or are currently serving in the armed forces.  Remembering my dad who served in the navy for 38+ years, in the Seabees, was a welder and was proud of his service and his uniform.  Many of my maternal uncles, two maternal aunts, many maternal cousins who served in all branches.  Served both stateside or overseas.  WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm.  I served as an army nurse in post hospitals and troop medical clinics.  Many of my patients had served in Vietnam.  Thank you for your service.  Saluting your dedication and commitment and what it meant/means to wear the uniform.

Managed to put in a few stitches on this piece.  Needle minder was from an etsy artisan - Sweet Autumn Stitch.  Nice strong magnets.  Lighthouses remind me of my trips taken to Northern Minnesota and Michigan along the shores of the Great Lakes.  Beautiful area.  Kind of wish I lived there but those thoughts don't stay long when I think about the very bitter cold winter weather and the isolation that is in much of the northern part of Minnesota or Michigan.  Iowa is okay.

Stitching Mends the Soul
Waxing Moon Designs
32ct Light Mocha Quaker, GAST and DMC Threads
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 10/10/17
Progress as of 11/10/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design so Far -  4

I started in the middle and worked to the top and then right.  I stitch from left to right, top to bottom.  I am not sure about the suggested color with the lace at the top of the design.  Suggested color is oatmeal, a GAST thread.  It does give an aged look to the lace but sections of the thread are blending in with the fabric and it's hard to see.   Don't want to go with a solid white, cream or ecru.  This is repeated in the design along the bottom edge.  I really don't want to take out what I've stitched.  I will think on this more and in the meantime focus my attention on stitching the woman stitching in a chair.

Update later in the evening  - 

I took all the stitching at the top out.  Went to my thread cabinet twice pulling several different DMC colors that I thought would give me the look I wanted with this piece.  Out of the seven colors I pulled, I chose two and will blend DMC 3865 and 3866 together.  I put in a few stitches and like it.  Feel this will work.  It's not stark white, ecru, cream and it gives an antiqued, vintage look to the lace.   That took most of the afternoon.  While I got that all figured out, now have a cause for concern.  Noticed I lost one of my needles!! I stitch using more than one needle.  I change out thread colors and rotate areas when doing a design.  Helps to keep me motivated and working on the piece.  When I found out I lost the needle (must of lost it when I was adjusting and moving my fabric in and out of the Q-snap frame), I used my magnetic wand and did my chair, floor around the chair, my stitching cart. No needle.  I moved furniture and did another sweep.  No needle.  Got the vacuum cleaner out and vacuumed thinking I would hear the a click when the needle was sucked up into the vaccum cleaner.  No noise.  No sound.  No needle.  Needless to say, I'm concerned about Leah finding it before me.  That. Would. Not. Be. Good!!

I have the thread replacement for the GAST oatmeal colored thread.  That's good.  But I am missing one needle.  That's not good. 

Was pulling in the driveway after doing errands to find the mailman parking his truck and getting ready to deliver mail on my street.  I told him, "You know mail persons are my favorite people."  We laughed.  Got some goodies.  A couple new needle minders, a chart by The Silver Lining (a yellow iris and lily of the valley flowers) and the buttons I had ordered for my last Waxing Moon Designs finish.

The buttons on the left are what I had in my inventory and needed one more.  The buttons on the right are ones I received in the mail.  They are smaller but I liked how they look on the stitched piece.  Just right.  Not too big and not too small.  Plus I have more for future projects.

The Best Things
Waxing Moon Designs
28ct Antique White Monaco (really liked this fabric!!) Evenweave,
GAST and WDW Threads With Embellishments
Stitched 2 over 2
Started 10/10/17
Completed 11/06/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design - 10

Speaking of items coming by mail, received the latest issue of Stoney Creek Magazine.  Liked a couple of the designs and placed an order for 16ct banding and some overdyed threads.  Like this magazine.  Once that comes in the mail, will start on a snowman.

In other news...

It's a gray day here.  Overcast.  Rain predicted with snow later this afternoon.  Plan to stitch and view floss tube videos.  I cannot watch them for very long though.  Lots of goodies shared, very tempting.

Leah jumped up and wanted to help me stitch for a bit too.  Silly kitty.  Although, at this time of the year, it's getting cold here.  As in winter winds and lower temperatures.  Her body heat on my lap feels good.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Waxing Moon Designs Finish The Best Things

Completed the stitching on a Waxing Moon Designs piece.  Plan to mount, lace and frame it myself.

Used all the suggested colors except for one.  Wasn't able to find it, to purchase it.  Substituted using what I had in my overdyed thread inventory.   Used Highland Heather for the suggested Mauve.

The Best Things
Waxing Moon Designs
28ct Antique White Monaco (really liked this fabric!!) Evenweave,
GAST and WDW Threads With Embellishments
Stitched 2 over 2
Started 10/10/17
Completed 11/06/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design - 10

Charms came with the chart.  Design called for three white pearl buttons to be sewn between the columns of lazy daisy stitches.  I didn't like the style of button that was supplied with the chart.  Went through my buttons and found some I liked.  Wanted a small shank style pearl button.  Only had two and needed three.  Shopped etsy (I like that site!) and found some.  Once I get them in the mail, will be able to have a completed finish.

Picked this up and will work on it.

Stitching Mends the Soul
Waxing Moon Designs
32ct Light Mocha Quaker, GAST and DMC Threads
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 10/10/17
Progress as of 10/12/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design so Far - 1

It's been an emotional past week or so on many fronts.  Won't go into it in depth but will share a favorite maternal uncle died, am dealing with a situation with my medical providers and had to step away from a situation where I felt I was being bullied and excluded.  I felt it important to stand up to the bullying and stated my thoughts and don't feel apologies are necessary or needed because of it.  Those beliefs have not changed.  What has changed though is my involvement with the bullying.  Don't want to be around it or a part of it.  Can identify with the quote, "no matter how nice your pictures are or how real your quotes [narratives] are...there are some people who will never hit the like button (respond, share, acknowledge, comment, etc.) just because it's you."  I will also add, as I've watched it happen online with individuals, doesn't matter how you highlight their work, their ideas and genuinely share that what you think they have done with needle and thread is beautiful, they respond with indifference come time I share be it a thought, question or my work with needle and thread, as if their "talents, insights, opinions" are "the ones."  As the quote said..."just because it's you."  

I think, no I know, something shifted in my thinking.    After everything that's happened, I needed space and time.   I pushed the world away and got by myself.  I tuned the noise of the world off.  I walked away from the chaotic noise of the world.   

I shut my phone off, stayed off line for a time and stitched.  It was quiet, calming and peaceful.  The time spent in solitude was good in that I regrouped and thought on what is really important.  Reshifted my priorities.  The Lord is important.  His ways.  His truths.  His precepts.  That's important.  The world is crazy and literally falling apart.  God isn't.  He hasn't and won't.  He was there in the beginning, is here now and will remain to the end and after the end.  He was, is and will forever be.  I put a scripture verse on the sidebar of my blog.  It's there for me.  It reminds me what's really important.  It reminds me what my focus is.  I don't want to partake or be involved in negativity, criticism, partiality or exclusion.  What I do want to be involved with is as scripture states "whatsoever is true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report" those things I want to think on.  Spend my time on.  Be involved with.  Be a part of.  

In closing, will say this.  I love the Lord.  Ain't perfect, far from it.  Made mistakes and before I draw my last breath will make a few more but I do love the Lord.  I will talk about Him on my blog.  I will share of Him and testify of Him.  If, for whatever reason that is something you don't want to read, not a problem.  I wish you well.  If you do want to continue to read my posts, God bless you. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Waxing Moon Designs The Best Things WIP

Close to the mid point with this design.

Need to complete the lazy daisy stitches between the first two squares then I can reposition my Q-snap frame.  Might have a finish by the end of the weekend or first part of next week.

Needle minder has two of my favorites - cardinals and the word Joy.  Purchased from an Etsy artisan.

Changed out my Q-snap frame grime guard.  It's fall here.  Wanted something autumn.  Snowman grime guard will be used for next cross stitch design that's in my "want to stitch" pile - a snowman by Stoney Creek.

The Best Things
Waxing Moon Designs
28ct Antique White Monaco (really like this fabric!!) Evenweave,
GAST and WDW Threads With Embellishments
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 10/10/17
Progress as of 11/02/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design so Far - 6

Machine sewn finishes.  Grime guard covers for 8" Q-snap frame.  One Christmas, one autumn or fall and another snowman grime guard.  Will be put in pattern box for a pattern box giveaway. 

Only other thing I would like to share in this post is sometimes, in the stillness of the night, in the quiet of darkness, when all is still and calm, God speaks.  He lets us know we are not alone.  He lets us know that He does see, has seen and He does care.  And while the world and all the craziness and instability tries to war against one's heart and spirit, God softly speaks and reassures that He is close and near.  That a prayer has been heard and that His angels are encamped around about.  I am thankful for His presence, His peace, His never changing Word.  

Friday, October 27, 2017

Waxing Moon Designs Finish Let it Snow

Stayed up through the night last night and completed the stitching, listening to the wind blow and watching the snow fall outside my living room window.  Attached the buttons this afternoon. 

Enjoyed doing this piece.  Wanted the cute button.  Made me smile.  He was happy...made me happy.

Skies are overcast.  It's been snowing here today.  Lighting was poor for pictures.

Made two changes.  Used different fabric, ordered from an Etsy artisan, Garibaldi's Needle Works.  Like how it enhanced the design.  Do plan to order more from her shop.  Changed out the buttons.  Buttons with the charm pack were white, but had a matte finish.  I wanted what had been shown on the picture of the chart - a pearl type shiny button.  I had some in my button inventory.  Makes me think of icicles - clear rain.

Let it Snow...Somewhere Else!
Waxing Moon Designs
28ct Blue Ice Lugana, WDW Threads, Embellishments
Stitched 2 over 2
Started 10/12/17
Completed 10/27/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This - 7
Will Mount, Lace and Frame By -  Myself

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Waxing Moon Designs WIP - Let It Snow

Been working on my Waxing Moon Designs piece.  Love the colors.

Made a new Q-snap grime cover for my 8" frame.   Has happy snowmen.

Have a new pretty on my stitching.  A colorful and bright bird.  Found some adorable needle minders done by an wonderful Etsy shop artisan Kate from The Magnetorium in Australia and ordered them.  Was blown away when I got her package in the mail.  Awesome product presentation.  Told her that her packaging said that she cared about her product and her customer.  Was really impressed.  What I ordered didn't disappoint either.  Brought a smile.  I received four needle minders with my order.  Two yellow and blue and two yellow and pink.

Let it Snow...Somewhere Else!
Waxing Moon Designs
28ct Blue Ice Lugana, WDW Threads, Embellishments
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 10/12/17
Progress as of 10/25/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This so Far - 5

For a smile...

Leah jumped up on my lap last night.  Got some close ups of her.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Thread Cabinet - Detailed Information

Am providing additional information along with measurements for those that have asked.

When I view photos of sewing rooms or stitching areas where someone has handcrafted a beautiful piece of furniture or cabinetry for the one that enjoys working with needle and thread, I smile.  Makes me think of my late husband, Phillip, or Phil, as he was called by so many that loved him.  He loved working with wood and was a perfectionist with his skill.  Had he been alive to see our dream home come to fruition, I strongly believe it would have been a beautiful home.  We had picked out a beautiful piece of property and had taken our sketches to the architect to draw up blue prints.  The home would have had a den for his ministerial library and I would have had a sewing room with three walls of large bay windows with counter tops for sewing and cutting of fabric and lots of cabinets for storing my sewing/stitching inventory.  I miss him.  Was wonderful to say, "Babe, I am thinking about this such and such project, do you think you could make it for me."  To which he always answered, "Draw me a picture and I'll see what I can do."  When his cancer became aggressive and he could no longer physically work with his woodworking tools, many of the project ideas were filed away and  never done. 

Since doing my first thread cabinet post, I have decided to have a spindle cabinet made for my sewing machine and serger threads that would be within reach next to my sewing machine.    

Anyways, didn't mean to digress there but I just wanted to share that and to say I think it's wonderful when a person who enjoys working with needle and thread gets a handmade item that makes time spent stitching or sewing easier or better or more convenient.  

I went downstairs and took pictures of my thread cabinet.  The ceiling is low in the basement, thus not alot of height to work with for getting "looking down on" pictures.  When I took these pictures it was a sunny day.  I have one window and one light fixture in the area where my thread cabinet is stored.  

I'm not a woodworker.  Don't know the proper terminology as in type of wood or that sort thing.  I am just providing pictures and measurements.  

Now, going from top to bottom.

Top of cabinet, looking down.  
Measures 17-3/8" wide x 14-3/8" deep - edge to edge.

Will put this here. 

Side measurement.

Top edge of cabinet (without top, just side) to bottom edge of cabinet.
56-3/8" high x 13-3/8" deep/wide.  

Handles on each side.  Requested this so I could pull, push, rotate the cabinet.

This is the underside of the top - lifts up off of the base of the cabinet.  Is free standing as in no hooks, screws, hinges.  

Cabinet without the top.

Looking down into or onto the cabinet.  The cross bar is 15" wide.  Left side to right side.  The cross bar is one solid piece of wood.

I removed the top gray cabinet to show the back of it - holes.  I got these gray cabinets at Thiesens, bought six and when I first got them, had them hung on my wall.  With this cabinet, it is so much easier.  Three gray cabinets on one side, three gray cabinets on the opposite side, each side in a vertical column.  When I moved to a different rental, all I did was shrink wrap it all, keeping everything in place.  When I set up my sewing room, I just cut off the wrapping and everything was good to go.  Nothing was lost, misfiled, or broken.  So simple.  Nice.  

When I had the carpenter make this cabinet, I provided him one of these cabinets and a drawn picture of what I wanted.  I left the rest to him.  Oh, I did say I wanted it vertical and two sided.  Mobile with casters.  

This holds the gray cabinet in the wood cabinet.  I'll call it the inside bar.  There are three.  

The screws are set in 1/2" from the end and 1" from the top.  

The picture shows the top inside bar.  I didn't take out the other top gray cabinets in the front column, getting the top gray cabinet out was hard enough due to thread drawers and hard to see.  So I don't have the measurement for where the second bar and third bar rests.  Sorry about that. 

This shows the second bar.  Now that I think of it, I could have measured from the top bar to this bar.  Didn't think of that.  Will try and get that measurement and update.  Sorry about that.

The thread shown is the back side of the top gray cabinet on the opposite side and the top of the second gray cabinet on the front side.

From my first thread cabinet post.  Shows placement of the three bars.

Gray cabinet reinserted and top back on.


Measurement 16-1/2" wide x 13-1/2" deep.  Edge to edge.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Diane Graebner Designs Finish

This past weekend was a good one. 

Met my goal of getting my Diane Graebner Design - Cross Stitchin' Friends - piece finished.  

Cross Stitchin' Friends
Diane Graebner Designs
32ct White Jobelan, DMC Threads
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 10/06/17
Completed 10/22/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This - 16
Will Mount, Lace and Frame - Myself

Shared in my last post about choosing fabric for this design.  Decided to go with a hand-dyed fabric done by Garibaldi's Needle Works, an Etsy artisan.  When I put in the first few stitches, I knew I had made the right choice.  LOVE how it looks and I've only just started.  I had envisioned a clear crisp winter day, bright blue skies, some white clouds and pretty white snow.  I got it with this fabric.  Got started stitching and didn't want to quit last night.

Needleminder is another pretty from Gina's Unique Boutique, another artisan from Etsy.

Let it Snow...Somewhere Else!
Waxing Moon Designs
28ct Blue Ice Lugana, WDW Threads, Embellishments
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 10/12/17
Progress as of 10/22/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This so Far - 2

In other news...

Made a trip to the LNS on Saturday to pick up the latest issue of the Just Cross Stitch magazine.  I'm afraid I am moving over to the camp and joining the others regarding the quality of this magazine.  It's gotten less in number of pages, print quality I felt was poor, few designs and for $6.99 that I paid for it, I will be thinking real hard regarding purchasing 2018 issues.  Sad.  I like Just Cross Stitch magazine, but cannot justify cost per issue for what I'm getting for my money.  

While at the LNS picked up over dyed threads for three projects, some Thread Heaven, a small clippers - was yellow and cute and the latest pair of Gingher scissors.  The blue and white one.  Lauren.  Beautiful.  But then I like anything cobalt blue and white or delft blue and white.  

Then I went over to Hobby Lobby and found two packages of 28ct Antique White Monaco.  Was gifted a package of it this past year in an exchange and really like it.  Like the color and that it has small flecks of brown in it.  Kind of reminds me of fiddlers cloth - something I used to use alot when I stitched using aida.  Also bought some fall themed pretties for my living room. 

Pulled together items to send in a pattern box giveaway.  I had some fabric (28ct evenweave) and charts (Shepherd's Bush, Diane Graebner - duplicates, Bent Creek, My Big Toe) pulled and want to do a giveaway as a pass along the kindness type of thing.  What items I don't use for my giveaway will be put in the pattern box and passed along. 

For a smile...

Leah being Leah.  I stitch in the evenings and she stays close.  Every once in a while she gets up from her perch and walks across the small side table by my stitching chair and wants a hug and cuddle, meows for a bit and then when she's done, she goes back over to her perch, watches some more out of the window and then sleeps.  The last few times I've left the house, I've returned to see her watching out the window, waiting for me to come home.  First time I saw that, my heart melted.  She's a keeper.  

Friday, October 20, 2017

Waxing Moon Designs - Fabric Choices

I saw this design modeled in a LNS.  Liked it and bought it.

Cannot remember if the buttons came with it.  Got those too.   Plan to change out the small white buttons with small shiny pearl ones.  Two holed style.

Wanted to use the suggested threads so I purchased those.  Weeks Dye Works - Union Blue, Snowflake, Romance and Icicle.

Beings it was stitched on a pretty blue with white swirls type of fabric, I wanted to use the same thing.  It complimented the quote and was wintry.  Couldn't find it.  Shopped online.  Couldn't find it.  Suggested fabric was 32ct Crystal Meditation Belfast. 

Was gifted a piece of fabric with the same name and would have used it as it had pretty sparklies and pretty hues of violet and purple BUT the white threads were swallowed up in the white of the fabric.  I shared this with the person that gifted it to me, she understood.  Was okay with it.  Will use the fabric for something Christmas themed, probably smalls.  

Went shopping again.  Found 28ct Mixed Berry Jobelan.  Blue with swirls of light mauve almost violet or purple.

28ct Cornflower Blue Jobelan.  Blue with swirls of deeper blue and almost a violet like hue.

28ct Blue Ice Lugana.  It's a periwinkle blue with white swirls.  Pretty fabric.  Am leaning towards using this piece.

I have three that would work and I don't know which one to use!  I just want my snowman button to pop on the piece.  If the truth be told, I bought the design for the snowman.  Crazy?  Maybe, but that's what I did.  He's so cute and brought a smile when I first saw him.  

I so want to start this one!  

Should be an easy decision but during this past year I've stitched a few pieces, got them framed and hung on my wall and thought, "Abbie, you missed it with the fabric choice.  Frame is good, stitching is good, threads used worked...fabric choice was not so good."  Kind of disheartening to say the least. Now I'm second guessing myself. 

Come time to frame this one, do hope I can find a frame like the one shown in the picture.  If not exactly the same, close to it.  Like it.  Would be displayed year around.