Saturday, April 22, 2017

2011 Dolls Clothes Batch Two

I realized my poor doll was naked and it was cold due to it being winter time, I made her a robe. I had traded in my old singer sewing machine for a new Viking machine.

My new machine has lots of bells and whistles and I've purchased quite a few new attachments.  Some I figured out right away, some I still need to work with and learn how to use them.  Would like to master the ruffler and the gathering attachments.  Many of the skirts on doll dresses are very wide and the pattern calls for them to be gathered.  With my purchase, I also got an acrylic extension and you can see it in the pictures shown below.

For the robe, I used a piece of sparkly pink fleece that had been given to me by my sister. Really like how it turned out.  Made me want one for myself.  So fluffy and warm.  First time for doing belt loops and lapels on the collar.  I received the crocheted hat and slippers as a gift from a member on a stitching message board who offered to do a pair of slippers when I asked if anyone could crochet me a set.  I don't know how to crochet but would eventually like to learn how to crochet doilies and doll sweaters.

18" Doll Robe
? Pattern I Used - Either a Simplicity or Kwik Sew
Fleece Fabric
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Completed 12/15/11
Crocheted Hat and Slippers Gifted to Me by a Crocheter

The last outfit I worked on in 2011 was a dress and pinafore set.  I had a piece of blue and white fabric that I really liked and decided to use it for a short sleeve dress and made an eyelet pinafore to go with it. Original intent was that I would use it for my doll. Later, gifted it along with another dress and pinafore set thinking it would be going to a certain little girl.  Found out it wasn't.  To say I was disappointed in that bit of news is an understatement.  Of all the outfits I've sewn to date, this ensemble was and continues to be my favorite.

I did the pinafore first.  Had a dilly of a time with the ruffled straps. Instructions said to enclose the ruffle in a casing and then turn right side out.  Right...was a tight squeeze and cumbersome. Waistband was simple enough.  Took me a while to figure it out.  Pockets were simple enough to sew on.  Really like how it turned out.

18" Doll Pinafore 
Simplicity Sewing Pattern #6005
Cotton Fabric, Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Completed 12/16/11

For the dress I used a pattern that has become one of my favorites with making doll clothes.  There are four pieces - front bodice (cut two), back bodice (cut four), sleeve (cut two) and skirt.  As I said earlier, of all the outfits I've done to date, this one is my favorite.  I really like how it turned out.  I like the colors, the style and it just turned out.  I felt that I did a good job with the sewing and was happy with the results.

18" Doll Dress with Pinafore
McCalls Sewing Pattern #3275
Cotton Fabric, Non Working Buttons, Velcro Closure
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Completed 12/13/11

If I counted right, in 2011 I made a total of 20 outfits (slips, sleepers, dresses, coats, robe), two blouses and four hats.