Saturday, April 22, 2017

2012 Doll Clothes Batch One

I've used pictures that have a blocked out watermark on them.  I had a blog before, had some changes in my life, deleted the blog but saved the pictures.  Wished I had saved the pictures without a watermark but as life moves on so will I - and I have.  I've used what I had picture wise and will continue to do so.

During 2012, I made three batches of doll clothes that went to three different locations.  One batch went to Minnesota. One batch went to Ohio. The last batch went to Australia.

Journaling my work has made it easier to reference back to it when I need to.  Makes it so nice.  Very convenient.  Will also add, technology can be wonderful.  What one thinks they lost or deleted isn't always the case.  I may be OCD or borderline perfectionist when it comes to some things I do, but come time I need something, I can usually, not always, but usually I can find it.

First outfit I completed in 2012 was another little dress and pinafore combination.  It was sent to Minnesota. Winnie the Pooh and his friends are one of my favorites.  I like how this turned out.

18" Doll Dress and Pinafore
McCalls Sewing Pattern #3275
Cotton Fabric, Velcro Closure on Both Dress and Pinafore
Machine Sewn and Serge Where Able To
Completed 02/21/12

I had some ribbed material and a piece of flannel.  I'd not made ribbed collars or cuffs before so I found a cute nightgown pattern and made a pretty pajama.  Was sent to Minnesota.

18" Doll Pajamas
Kwik Sew #2830
Cotton Flannel Fabric, Ribbed Knit for Collar and Cuffs, Velcro Closure
Machine Sewn and Serged Where Able To
Completed 03/22/12

I was asked to make two doll wedding dresses with veils.  I knew how to do the wedding dress.  I searched the internet for how to make a veil.  Shopped looking for a doll veil pattern.  When I couldn't find what I wanted, I designed one.

I cut a wide circle out of brown packing paper, once I had the netting fabric cut out, I folded it in half and gathered it together at the fold line.  Then I stitched it to a hair comb and stitched on the embellishments. I made sure the stitching could withstand wee little hands pulling, tugging and pushing the comb on and off dolly's hair. For my first attempt at this sort of thing, I feel I did a good job.

18" Doll Wedding Dress and Veil
Damask Type Fabric for Dress, White Netting for Veil,
Satin Ribbon Edging, Velcro Closure
Hair Comb and Silk Flower Petals for Veil
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Completed 06/12/12

I was asked to do two clown outfits.  I hated doing these and said I would never do another one.  I used the supplied Cabbage Patch Doll pattern.  I did try, unsuccessfully, to alter the outfits.  I did alter the pattern but it was still too big and the fabric I worked with was, while it was colorful and bright, it was not pleasant to sew with for a doll outfit.  Was thick. Heavy.  Lesson learned though.

18" Doll Clown Suit
Simplicity Sewing Pattern #7116
?? Type of Fabric, Bias Tape, Elastic, Non Working Buttons, 
Pom Poms, Velcro Closure
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Outfit Completed 06/1/12
Second Outfit Completed 06/18/12

I was asked to do two doll quilts.  I'd never sewn a doll quilt before. I wanted them to be pieced quilts.  I used blocks that I had previously sewn but had not sewn the blocks together into a quilt top. First time I machine quilted.  Also was the first time I used a walker foot, something I now do when working with fleece and quilts. When the mother got these, she wanted to hang them on the wall instead of having her girls use them with their dolls!

18" Doll Quilts
Jewel Box Quilt Pattern
Cotton Fabric, Polyester Batting, Cotton Backing
Machine Sewn and Quilted, Hand Hemmed the Binding
First One Completed 06/22/12
Second One Completed 06/23/12

Both quilts had cream colored muslin as backing and green binding.  

18" Doll Pajamas
Kwik Sew Sewing Pattern #2820
Cotton Flannel Fabric, Ribbed Knit for Collar and Cuffs, Velcro Closure
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Completed 06/28/12

Believing that the pajamas should have robes too, I made two.  

It was during this time I was able to invest in a new Viking serger.  My Singer serger was no longer meeting my needs and at $80 or so each time, repair bills were getting costly.  It had been nice to learn the basics of serging with my Singer, but I was doing more sewing and serging and I wanted a reliable, dependable serger. 

When I make my doll clothes, I try to serge seams where I can.  I also reinforce stress seams - seams that undergo heavy pulling and tugging by tiny hands - the armholes especially.

18" Doll Robe
Cotton Flannel Fabric
Kwik Sew Sewing Pattern#2820
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Completed 06/28/12