Saturday, April 22, 2017

2012 Doll Clothes Batch Three Final

This is the final post for doll clothes that I sewed in 2012.  Most of my machine sewing in 2012 was doll clothes.  I sewed for two girls in Minnesota, one girl in Ohio and three girls in Australia.  I had a blast sewing these outfits and I learned alot.

18" Doll Top and Capri Pant Set
Joan Hinds 30 Minute Doll Clothes
Cotton Fabric, Elastic, Ric-Rack, Velcro Closure
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Orange Set - Completed 08/26/12
Blue Set - Completed 08/27/12

Last set of outfits I did were hooded coats with matching mittens and fringed scarf. The jackets had working pockets.

18" Doll Hooded Jacket, Mittens and Scarf
Jacket - Simplicity Sewing Pattern #3572
Mittens - Joan Hinds Sew the Contemporary Wardrobe for 18" Dolls
Scarves - My Own Pattern
Fleece Fabric, Ribbed Knit, Non Working Buttons, Velcro Closure
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Yellow Set - Completed 08/27/12
Blue Set - Completed 09/21/13
Pink Set - Completed 09/27/12

Once these were done, the machines were turned off and I didn't turn them back on until July 2013 when I sewed a queen size quilt.