Saturday, April 22, 2017

2012 Doll Clothes Batch Three Part A

I enjoyed doing this batch of doll clothes because I tried out new patterns and loved going through my fabric finding color combinations that I thought were fun, colorful and cheery.  I wanted them to arrive in Australia by Christmas time.  I had been given three Springville dolls in exchange for what I had sewn prior to starting this batch of outfits.  With the new set of outfits, I did the same pattern three times, but changed it in some way through the use of different fabrics or embellishments so each little girl would have her own unique piece.

I started sewing August 5th and completed my last outfit September 28th.  The package was mailed on time and made it there in time for Christmas.  Pictures were emailed to me of the girls unwrapping their dolls and doll clothes on Christmas Day.  It was a special Christmas for me that year.

18" Doll Pajama Set
Simplicity Sewing Pattern #5276
Cotton Fabric, Elastic, Non Working Buttons, Velcro Closure, Working Pocket
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Yellow Set Completed 08/05/12
Blue Set Completed 08/05/12
 Pink Set Completed 08/06/12

Close up showing pocket and collar.  Still working on my sewing skills when it comes to collars but I'm getting better.

Made three little slips, same style but changed out the color of rosette sewn on in the front and for the buttons sewn on at the shoulders.

18" Doll Slip and Panties
Slip - Simplicity Sewing Pattern #3879
Panties - Simplicity Sewing Sewing Pattern #5276
Cotton Fabric, Jersey Knit, Elastic, Rosettes, Velcro Closure
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Completed 08/08-09/12

Had the p.j.'s and little under things sewn, I then worked on making robes for the dolls.  Made these cotton flannel robes all in the same day, matching the ties with the fabric color.  Neck was gathered and I did a few machine stitches to hold the tie in place.  Added pretty beads at the end of the ties and decorative trim at the end of the sleeves.   I had seen this pattern listed on etsy (a place where I've bought some very pretty doll clothes patterns) and wanted to make a few items from it.  I really like how they turned out

Speaking about patterns.  Many sewing patterns are in the range of $10 or more.  I wait for the sales and get them at .99 or $1.99 each.  I have also googled free doll clothes patterns and found some good ones that way.  I have noticed though the more I've bought patterns, they are basically the same.  A bodice, a skirt, sleeves.  I started buying on etsy because designers have designed original, very pretty outfits.  I have my favorites and come time I want to try something new, I visit their etsy shop.  

18" Doll Robe
Simplicity Sewing Pattern #4839
Cotton Flannel Fabric, Bias Tape, Beads
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Completed 08/11/12