Saturday, April 22, 2017

Completed Cross Stitch 2005 and Earlier

Total Designs Stitched This Year - 

3 - LNS Freebie 
1 - Leisure Arts 
1 - Cross Country Stitching Magazine 

Wish I had taken pictures of my sewing down through the years.  It was only after I met other stitchers online around 2005 or so that I realized and saw that keeping a picture journal of my sewing was a way to keep track of my creativity and my accomplishments using needle and thread.

I didn't start doing cross stitch until after I got out of the army.  I first saw it being done when I watched a woman stitching in the day room in the women's barracks on one of the posts I was stationed at.  I watched her look at a pattern, count something on fabric and work a needle up and down through a plain piece of fabric.  I've since learned that it is called a chart, that one counts threads or squares on the fabric matching those threads or squares to the pattern or design on a chart and fabric count determines number of strands and type of needle used.

My very first cross stitch piece was from a chart I got at a now closed craft store.  The chart was up by the cash register and I liked what it said and bought it.  Later, I took the chart in and the sales person measured the paper - yes, you read that right - measured the paper dimensions of the printed chart and cut me a piece of fabric to match.

Folks, I've learned what I know with my stitching through trial and error or through reading a book or by watching others and reading what they share about their stitching I feel I am an experienced stitcher and what I do has a professional look or finish to it as I've progressed through the years with my talent and ability.  I enjoy sewing and do it for relaxation.  I've also gifted finishes when I know the person will enjoy it and use it.

The first chart I ever cross stitched was this one.  I stitched it, had someone help me frame it and gave it as a going away gift to a family that was moving out of state.  That was in the mid '80's.  I kept the chart and redid it around 2005 or so.  I had it framed in 2014.  Like how it turned out.  This is displayed on my kitchen wall.

LNS Freebie Chart
14ct white aida, DMC threads
Stitched 3 over 1
Completed February 2005
Framed by - Jill Rensel Studio
Hangs in my Kitchen

Next design I completed was a design by Leisure Arts.  Virtuous Woman Proverbs 31 Sampler.  I did this design twice.  First time I did it I gave it as a Christmas gift to my secret sister for our church's secret sister exchange.  I had a brother from the church make the frame for me, I had a matte cut and I did the framing.  The second time I did the piece I had it framed with no matte and it hangs on the wall in my bedroom.

Virtuous Woman Proverbs 31 Sampler
Leisure Arts Leaflet #382
14ct Fiddler's Cloth with DMC threads
Stitched 3 over 1
Completed February 2005
Framed by Ben Franklin, Iowa City, Iowa
Hangs in my Bedroom

Another piece I completed in 2005 was from the Cross Country Stitching magazine.  This is the first piece I completed and used the called for buttons, or as some refer to it, embellishments.  This piece hangs on the wall by my front door.  It reminds me to trust God for ALL things because God, being who He is, supplies all things.  

Trust in God
Cross Country Stitching Magazine, Mar/Apr 1996 Issue
14ct Fiddler's Cloth with DMC and embellishments
Stitched 3 over 1
Completed January 2005
Framed by Ben Franklin, Iowa City, Iowa
Hangs in my Living Room

Last big design I completed in 2005 was another local (now since closed) needlework shop (LNS) chart.  Believe it was a freebie.  Cannot remember and I no longer have the chart.  It hangs in my living room.  Love the quote.  It reminds me that God will be God...He sees what we cannot and because He knows the end from the beginning, He knows what will be planted, what will bear fruit and what the end harvest will be. 

Apple Seeds
Local Needlework Shop Freebie
14ct Fiddler's Cloth with DMC threads
Stitched 3 over1
Completed February 2005
Framed by Ben Franklin Iowa City, Iowa
Hangs in my Living Room

Completed prior to 2005...

This was a chart from a LNS.  Cannot remember if it was a freebie or one I had to purchase.  I did this twice.  Once for a nurse that I worked with and later did one for myself.  Haven't framed it yet.  I want to do a framed and matted finish with this piece that will include my military picture, my ribbons, patches and rank insignia that I wore on my uniform.  Maybe someday I will get that accomplished.  

Nurse's Memory Box
LNS Chart
14ct white aida with DMC threads
Stitched 3 over 1
Completed prior to 2005