Monday, April 24, 2017

Completed Cross Stitch 2010

Total Designs Stitched This Year

1 - Janlynn Kit
1 - Lizzie Kate 
1 - Charlette's Collectibles 
3 - Online Freebies
1 - Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Magazine 

During the year 2010, I did some big pieces.

I completed a piece using Kreinik metallic thread or braid (cannot remember what it was called).  First time I used DMC satin thread - have since given all of what I had away.  Won't ever use it again.  First time I used a opalescent type of fabric.

The design was available as a kit with its own fabric and threads.  I changed out the fabric and threads and once I was done with the chart I gave it away.  I love how it turned out.  Course I love blue and white.  Love the Star of David.  I no longer have this piece.

Before being framed...


Close up of detail...

Hebrew Blessing
Janlynn kit
18ct Opalescent Aida with DMC satin threads, Kreinik metallic thread
Stitched 2 over 1
Completed January 2010
Framed by - Jill Rensel Studio

Next piece I worked on I sent to my exchange partner.  Did another pinkeep (turned out better the second time).  Made a pocket on the back and tucked in a small scissors, scissor fob and a package of needles.  Made the pins used on the sides.  Really like how it turned out.

Land That I Love
Lizzie Kate Snippet
14ct Fiddler's Cloth with DMC and Rainbow Gallery (fuzzy) threads 
with embellishment - charm
Stitched 2 over 1 (cannot remember)
Completed June 2010

Another piece I started and finished in June was one I saw online and ordered.  Like what it said.  This piece hangs on the wall in my living room.  The quote is true and applicable for my life.  

Broken Heart
Charlette's Collectibles
14ct White Aida with DMC threads
with embellishments - buttons
Stitched 2 over 1
Completed June 2010
Framed by - Jill Rensel Studio
Hangs in my Living Room

During the months of July and August I stitched for others.  Sent some completed Kissing Pillow tops to a message board member to be turned into little pillows for our wonderful troops. 

Worked on one of two quilt squares that I was told would be included in a quilt top for a special children's unit in Arizona.  Never saw the promised picture of the completed quilt.  Often wondered if the woman ever got the squares, if the quilt ever got made...just what did happen.  As a result of this experience, sad as it was, I no longer volunteer to sew for projects such as these.  Having said that, I know there are groups that do sew for others and do show their work, acknowledging those that contribute.  Cole's Quilts being one of them. 

Teddybear with Large Red Heart
Online Freebie 
14ct White Aida with DMC threads
Completed August 2010

Took part in my first Christmas ornament exchange on a stitching message board.  Have since learned a few things about ornies.  Had some firsts with this piece.  Never did an ornie before.  Hadn't worked with DMC metallic thread before, won't again and gave all that I had away.  When I found the chart online I liked it and envisioned a bulb hung on the tree at Christmas time.  The old fashioned kind with those pretty gold or silver toppers, the ones that used a silver clip to hang.  So I chose yellow metallic thread for the hanger.  Beings it was Christmas I used red, green and gold metallic thread for the letters.  For my first attempt at doing one of these, imperfections and all, I liked it.  The fabric in the background is what I used on the back. 

Online freebie 
14ct Green Marble Aida with DMC metallic thread
Stitched 2 over 1
Completed August 2010

In September I competed the second promised quilt square for the children's quilt.  I found the chart I used for this online as well.  I liked the colors in this design.  Cute.  Liked how it turned out. Was never sent a picture of the finished quilt. 

Valentine Teddy
Online Freebie
18ct Cream Aida with DMC threads
Stitched 2 over 1
Completed September 2010

Last project I finished in 2010 took me all year to do.  I started it in January and worked on and off on it throughout the year.  I first started it on 22ct aida.  Got quite a bit done on the upper left corner and realized that I didn't want to work with that small of count doing 1/4" and 1/2" stitches.  I restarted on 14ct.  Like how it turned out.

Something else I would like to share about this piece.  It was from one of the first cross stitch magazines I subscribed to.  Kept the set of magazines with my sewing down through the years wanting to stitch it.  Took me awhile to commit to stitching it, but when I did, it got done.

This picture hangs in my living room.  When I look at it, I am reminded of the farm and all its bounty.  The simplicity of life.  Am reminded of my parental grandparents who lived on a farm and my dad who loved working with the farmer.  Life is good.  God is great and greatly to be praised.

Amid Amish Life
Cross Stitch and Country Crafts April-August 1987 Issues
14ct Light Blue Aida with DMC threads
Stitched 2 over 1
Completed December 2010
Framed by - Ben Franklin, Iowa City, Iowa
Hangs in my Living Room

Reframed 04/2017 due to paint peeling from frame