Saturday, April 22, 2017

Completed Cross Stitch 2011

Total Designs Stitched This Year

1 - The Sweetheart Tree 
1 - ? Designer
1 - Mill Hill Kit
3 - Small Kits - ? Designer
1 - Online Freebie
2 - Leisure Arts 
1 - Cross Country Stitching Magazine 
1 - For My Boys 
3 - Model Stitching

For January 2011 I had three finishes.

Won the chart in a giveaway.  Embellished with beads.  No longer have this one.  Restitched the design a few years later and framed it.  It hangs on my living room wall.

Blue Mountain Bunny
Sweetheart Tree
28ct Rose Monaco, used Six Strand Sweets threads
with seed bead embellishments
Stitched 2 over 2
Completed 01/06/11

Next finish was a heart for a Valentine's Day stitching message board exchange.  I wanted the heart puffed and mounted on top of the box with a pretty twisted cord glued around the edges of the stitched piece.  I worked with the fabric and could not get the inner dip in the center to come out right.  So I decided to do what I did.  I mounted it on a piece of felt and fringed the edges.  Still don't know how to do a nice heart shaped ornament.  Maybe someday.

Pink Heart
? chart - cannot remember where I got it
28ct White Jobelan with DMC threads and heart charm
Stitched 2 over 2
Completed 01/12/11

Last thing I stitched in January was a first for me.  I did a Mill Hill diamond shaped ornament.  The stitching was not hard.  Finishing it into a diamond shape wasn't something I had done before and I had help from another member on a stitching message board.  Her tutorials are wonderful.  I have this hanging in my bedroom/sewing room.

Mill Hill Diamond Shaped Ornament MH22-8304
Used kit fabric, threads and beads
Stitched 2 over 2
Completed 01/13/11

During February I had received three small kits in a package from an Secret Sister exchange.  I completed them and gave them away as gifts.  These were a fun, easy stitch.  

Kool Kat - used kit fabric, thread and frame, completed 02/15/11
Wedding Ring - used kit fabric, thread and frame, completed 02/19/11
Apple Pie - used kit fabric, thread and frame, completed 02/22/11 

Another design I completed during this month was for a St. Patrick's Day stitching message board exchange.  It was a online freebie.  I completed it as a cube.  

Irish Blessing
Online Freebie Chart
14ct White Aida with DMC threads
Stitched 2 over 2
Completed 02/16/11

For March 2001 I completed two pieces.  One for an Easter Day stitching message board exchange and another one as a quilt square to be included in a quilt for a woman undergoing chemo treatments for breast cancer.

For the Easter Day exchange, I choose a design with bright colors and a big hat.  Easter Day for me, is a celebration about hope, new life, faith.  The commerical side of Easter celebrates with bunnies, eggs and alot more.  When I think of Easter I am reminded of what I have in Christ Jesus but I also have memories of when I was a young girl and we would be given a new hat and a new outfit in bright colors during the spring time...happy memories.  I found a colorful design and finished it as a hanging ornament.  Was the first time I ruched the trim.  I like how it turned out.  Made me smile.  I like anything and everything to do with Witzy and her friends in Suzy's Zoo.  

Mother Goose
 Leisure Arts The Friendship Collection from Suzy's Zoo Leaflet #241
14ct Polar Ice Aida, used DMC threads
Stitched 2 over 2
Completed 03/2011

For the quilt square I chose a design from one of my Cross Country Stitching magazines.  

Children of God
Cross Country Stitching Magazine August 2011
14ct Ivory Aida, used DMC threads
Completed 03/2011

During the month of April I worked on and completed two pieces.  

The first one was stitched on fabric I hadn't used before and really liked it.  Would love to stitch on more of it.  Especially something in yellows or pink or lavender/purple.  It was soft, pliable, very pretty.  I used Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, also a first.  I finished it as a cube and gave it to my middle sister.  

4 My Boys
28ct Silkweaver Lavender Diamonds Opalescent Lugana
Used Gentle Arts Sampler Threads
Stitched 2 over 2
Completed 04/2011

Next design I stitched in April was for a stitching message board bookmark exchange.

Bookmark #3
Leisure Arts Pretty Bookmarks by Deborah Lambein
18ct prefinished White Aida bookmark, used DMC threads
Completed 04/2011

The last three finishes during 2011 were model pieces.  Received fabric and threads in exchange for my work.  Won't do model stitching again.  Was promised a chart of this design with my name on it. Never got it.  Dealt with charts with errors while doing this model stitching.  Not a positive experience.  

Completed May 2011

Completed July 2011

September 2011