Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sampling of Other Machine Sewn Finishes

A sampling of my other machine sewn finishes.

I really wish I had taken pictures of all the things I created with my sewing machine.  I never thought to do that until I saw others post their finishes online.  I started taking pictures and keeping a sewing journal sometime around 2010.  Over the years I know I've done alot of embroidered block baby quilts sashed together with bright colored fabric and either hand tied or hand quilted them, sewn numerous baby sleepers,

Baby Sleeper
Simplicity Sewing Pattern #6907
Cotton Flannel Fabric, 18" Zipper, Elastic at Wrists, 
Double Fold Bias Tape for Ties
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Completed 10/03/13

gifted (too many to count or remember) counted cross stitch pieces be they framed finishes, bookmarks, towels or sewn pillows. I've sewn dresses for myself.  Not many.  But I've worked with an adult dress pattern.  Don't know how to alter an adult sewing pattern so I no longer sew for myself. Have been searching for a seamstress in this area that will help me so I can learn how to do it.  Once I do learn, will start making my own clothes.

The earliest machine sewn project I can remember was doing a pink gingham skirt for a home economics class in junior high.  It was a long skirt and had several different sizes of gingham.  Small, medium, large and extra large.  Had an elastic waist.  Remember doing a blue plaid double knit cape and I think it was lined. Also made a yellow plaid wool lined skirt with a zipper in the back.

Didn't sew alot after I left home and entered the military.  When I got out of the army, I entered college, worked,  During that time I would occasionally sew for my home or apartment such as making or hemming curtains or drapes.  Made numerous baby items for newborns in my church.

Unpacked my sewing stuff and set up my machine I was given a HUGE stack of polyester double knit squares around the spring of 2005.  I sewed them into nine patch patterned quilt blocks which in turn went to a sewing circle to make into lap robes for senior citizens and hospital patients.

I was then given of fleece material along with a pattern on how to make chemo caps.  I have made hundreds of these kinds of caps for patients aged infant to adult.

Chemo Hats
? Designer of Original Pattern
Fleece Fabric
Used Plexi-Glass Templates, Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To

My sister wanted two TWIN sized quilts for her cabin.  I cut the blocks as specified by the pattern and ended up with two QUEEN sized quilts.  I tied them and machine sewed the binding on and hemmed by hand.  Made a queen sized log cabin pattern quilt for my folks in reds, blues and greens. Made a twin sized split rail pattern quilt in pinks and yellows for my younger sister.  

Trip Around the World Quilt Pattern, cotton fabric, polyester batting, cotton backing and binding, tied tops, hemmed binding by hand. Tops were machine sewn together.

Made project bags for both myself and for others when I took part in sewing exchanges.

I keep my embroidery in this mesh bag - the quilt block I'm working on along with the embroidery hoop, the thread and scissors. I grab this and take it when I have a medical appointment.  Makes waiting seem shorter when I am working with needle and thread.

Made a second one with a matching zipper pull and scissor fob and hosted a giveaway.

I machine quilted this fabric (didn't have a walking foot at the time or seam guide bar thing that attaches to the pressure foot allowing one to stitch straight lines), first time for doing prairie points. Made the zipper pull and sewed on the farm animal buttons. Included this in a stitching exchange.

This fabric came already quilted.  I made the bag and beaded zipper pull and gifted it.

Learned how to make covers for my Qsnap frame and made several that I sent in exchange packages.