Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gloria and Pat Framed Finish

Picked up my custom ordered frame yesterday from Hobby Lobby and had it mounted, laced and framed by the end of the day.

This is my second time stitching this design.  First time I stitched it, it was gifted to a woman who fell in love with it and I knew she would treasure it and display it in her home.

This design makes me smile.  Love what it says and that duck is just too cute! Plus it has hues of yellow in it.  Yellow is my favorite color.

Gloria and Pat (Precious Moments) Angelove Booklet #18
28ct Ray of Light Lugana with DMC Threads, Embellishments 
Stitched 2 over 2
Started 04/03/17
Completed 04/23/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This Piece - 18
05/06/17 - Mounted, Laced and Framed By - Myself
Hangs on My Living Room Wall

Close up of the pretty buttons.  Straight pin in center - center point for foam core board and stitching.  I match center to center, then pin, then lace, then frame after all the pins have been removed.

Have put in a few more stitches to my SC POM piece.  Don't have much more to stitch on this block.  Had all the lettering stitched and discovered I was off one square.  Took it all out, started over and am hoping to finish it up today and if not today, tomorrow.  Almost at half way point with this series.  This is block two in a six block series.

POM Series 11/14 to 04/15 Life is a Gift
Stoney Creek
28ct Beige Jobelan, DMC, WDW, Classic Colorworks, ThreadWorx and 
Glissengloss Rainbow Blending Threads, Suggested Embellishments
Stitching 2 over 2
Started - 04/24/17
Progress as of 05/06/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This Thus Far - 12