Wednesday, May 24, 2017


When I've worked on large cross stitch designs with several thread colors, I've made my own needlepark.

This was one of two groups of thread used for Stoney Creek O Holy Night Nativity!!

I've repurposed styrofoam that was used as packaging or have purchased styrofoam from the local craft store.

First thing I do is, using a MS Word document, I make a table and list all the thread color numbers.  I also list the blended thread colors (where I have to use one strand of two different colors) and if applicable, other threads such as blending threads (i.e. Glissengloss threads)

As I stitch and make thread changes, I park my needle. I've found that this helps when I have to change thread.  Plus using this type of system makes the stitching time go smoother.  I like using something like this because I've stitched a few Stoney Creek designs and to be honest I've gotten some threads mixed up due to their being so close in hue or color.  Using a needlepark helps with that - keeps the right color with the right number or symbol.

If I am working in a section of the design, I can thread several needles with the thread colors needed and sail through the stitching.

When I am done with stitching for the day, I can put away my needlepark with the needles in tact.  When I want to stitch again, everything is as I left it.  

Needlepark with symbol used on the chart next to the thread color.

Needlepark in use.

When I've worked on more than one project at a time...