Thursday, May 25, 2017

WIP Dutch Treat Designs They Followed the Star

Redid my Q-snap frame so it was smaller and more manageable to hold.

Repositioned the fabric in the frame, found where I had left off and discovered I had miscounted.

Took out the top of the palm tree.

Restitched the area.  Finished the "block" last evening. 

One thing about this design is the direction of the stitches.  Chart says to stitch one side.  Turn.  Stitch.  Turn.  Four sides.  Three turns.  Direction of x's will be different.  My OCD tendencies are "wrestling" with that.  Want my stitches to be all uniform.  Looking nice.  

One block done.  Seven more to do.  Three corners with palm trees.  One block with a stable, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  One block with wise men.  One block with shepherds and one block with animals and figures.

Have to say kind of like working with this DMC pearl cotton thread.  Nice.  Will have to order more though.  Don't think I will have enough of some colors to finish this piece.

They Followed the Star Tabletopper
Dutch Treat Designs
18ct Ivory Anne Cloth, DMC #5 Pearl Cotton Threads
Stitching 1 over 2
Started 10/21/16
Progress as of 05/24/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This Piece So Far - 3

Will position fabric in Q-snp frame and work on the stable scene. Goal is to have that block done by next Thursday.

Chart will be up for giveaway once I've finished stitching the piece.

Wanted to mention this chart along with the fabric and threads was gifted to me by my exchange partner in last year's Christmas ornament exchange - Judi (Mollydog).  Thank you, Judi.