Thursday, May 4, 2017

WIP - Stoney Creek POM 800 Series

I don't know what the title of this series is or for that matter what the titles were for the other three that I've done and have hanging on my living room wall.

This one has six blocks.  I completed the first block this past weekend and started working on block two.

POM Series 11/14 to 04/15 Life is a Gift
Stoney Creek
28ct Beige Jobelan, DMC, WDW, Classic Colorworks, ThreadWorx and 
Glissengloss Rainbow Blending Threads, Suggested Embellishments
Stitching 2 over 2
Started - 04/24/17
Progress as of 05/02/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This Thus Far - 8

In other news...

Mailbox has finally been repaired.  Snow plow had snapped pole in half this past winter.  Handyman welded an extension on.  Pole has been cemented in the ground and a fresh coat of black paint has been applied to the pole and support bracket under the mailbox.  Looks nice.  Finally, I can "move on" knowing this has been taken care of and is done.  In the process, I now know a local handyman who can help with projects.  

Am wanting to redo my sewing table.  Wanting a bigger area for fabric to lay on when I am sewing. What I have now is nice.  It works.  However, in sewing my quilts last year, I realized that the fabric was sliding due to the type of surface on the countertop.  Was constantly having to move the fabric up so it wouldn't slide down and on to the floor.  Would like a finished wood surface instead.  I have the plans as in pattern on how I would like my new one made.  That will probably happen later this fall as spring and summer is a busy time for the handyman with outside construction projects. That's okay.  I can work on cleaning out a few things from the basement thus opening room for the new table.   

Weather has turned nice.  Sunny.  Warm.  Have new wind chimes hanging on the front porch and two very pretty medium sized ceramic pots with pretty pink geraniums.  Babied those flowers as we've had rough weather here and I thought they weren't going to make it.  Noticed today they are thriving and their blooms are so pretty.  Bought a new patio table,  It's small and round.  I can sit out on the porch and read or stitch. 

Leah has been growing and doing well.  Plays with her "babies."  She puts them to bed in a kitty cube I have near my bed.  At night I hear her running and tossing them about.  It's cute to watch her carry them around the house.  

Will continue to work on the above project and once my ordered frame for the Pat and Gloria piece - Happiness in the Heart - comes in, I will frame that and get that one on the wall.  Waiting for a few back to back sunny days where the lighting is good and I can spend some large chunks of time in the basement.  Want to do an inventory on my DMC threads and put away all the threads that have accumulated from finished projects.  Seems like they are multiplying like little bunnies.