Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Sewing Machine

Been working in my sewing room.

Last couple of items sewn using my Viking sewing machine.  Q-snap cover and needlebook.

My "old" sewing machine was gifted to a woman that enjoys sewing, is good at it and whose own refurbished sewing machine stopped working.  I sewed alot of projects with that machine.  Good memories.  Learned alot.  Have a thankful heart that I was blessed with it and in turn was able to gift many of my machine sewn finishes to those that appreciated them and used or are using them.  God is good.

Q-snap Cover and Needlebook
Cotton Fabric, Elastic, Felt, Ribbon
Machine Sewn, Serged Where Able To
Completed 05/31/17

I shared in my last post that I got my new-to-me Babylock Imagine Serger set up and did a few trial runs with it.

Also shared that I purchased a new Babylock Presto Sewing Machine.  Got it unpacked and set up.

Features I really like with this machine...

LED lights.
Easy to thread and wind bobbin.
Automatic needle threader.
Automatic bobbin - loads itselt, don't have to bring up from bobbin area.
Needle plate well marked for seam allowances - 1/4" 1/2", 5/8" ect.
Sound - quiet machine.
Wide and lengthy sewing area.
LOVE how the manual is written - very user friendly.
Well designed stitch selection panel - select screen.
Nice selection of accessories.
Bright white.  Nice.
Range of sewing speeds to select from...very fast goes VERY fast (too fast for me)

I did sew a few Q-snap covers.   Took pictures and will do a How I Do It Q-snap cover post with pictures and narrative.

Enjoying working with my new serger - does a fine stitch.  Pleased with my purchase.

Will be working with a professional seamstress to alter a favorite dress pattern.  Will be nice to sew some garments for me using my new sewing machine.

For a smile...

Leah enjoying the view.  We had a mama bird build a nest near the bedroom window and now it seems there are baby birds.  Leah has to see what's what and follows their progress.