Thursday, June 1, 2017

WIP Dutch Treat Designs They Followed the Star

It's been a busy past few days.

Have been feeling better and not so sluggish and tired.  Pharmacist changed my insulin doses and times when to take and as a result my blood sugar numbers are improving and I've been active working in my sewing area in the basement.

Got all of the threads left from past projects put away and all my DMC thread inventoried.

Tidied up my cross stitch inventory area and have a pile of stuff to be given to the Salvation Army.

Reworked my machine sewing area and had space to set up another work table.

Pulled out all the items I needed for setting up a new storage system for my GAST and WDW threads and got that done.  For now I have GAST and WDW threads in one tote.  Picked up another tote this past weekend and will work on getting my SSS and Classic Colorworks and Crescent Colours threads done.  When my thread inventory for these brands grows and I cannot not keep two in one tote, I will separate and will put them in their own individual totes.  But for now, two in one tote works.

I used adhesive letters (found in scrapbooking area at Hobby Lobby), car tags, hanging folders (cut and paper punched), 1" book rings and a plastic tote with hanging folder slots.  Have to say it's so nice to be able to go to a letter and pull it and see if I have the thread color.  Nice system.  Each brand of thread has its own color.  Blue is GAST and the green is WDW.  SSS will be purple and CC will be orange.  Only thing I found to be costly is the book rings.  Each letter of the alphabet attached to a folder hanger (file folder trimmed to 1-1/2" with 12 holes paper punched along the bottom edge).  12 holes, 26 letters per set so 12 x 26 = 312 x 4 sets = 1,248.  Folks, that's alot of book rings!  For now I set it up with rings for what I have in inventory, will add rings as I add threads.  The thread color names are not in alphabetic order under their respective letter and I did group together to save on rings used.

Hooked up my new to me Babylock Imagine serger and did a few small projects with it.  Bought fabric today to do a few more things with it.

Plugged in, threaded and did a trial run with the serger.  LOVE that the loopers are air threaded!!  So. Very. Simple!!

Speaking of Babylock...bought my birthday present and Christmas present for this year. Local sewing center was having a sale on their machines during the month of May and I spent time checking out the various models. Selected one that will meet my needs and what I do when it comes to machine sewing.   It's a Babylock Presto.  It's sitting on the floor here in the kitchen, will unpack it and set it up later this evening after I've rested or may do it sometime tomorrow.  I wanted to upgrade my machines this year.  Am thankful for my blessings.  I saved money with these purchases and I know I got two very good machines.  I meet with a professional seamstress on Monday and she will be helping me alter my favorite dress pattern.  Want to make some simple, but modest dresses.   Will be nice when I have my sewing/serger table done.  Am having that custom made for me.  Table will have inset for my sewing machine and a pocket for the cut fabric that drops from the serger.  Will be L shaped so I can pivot in my chair between the two machines.

So as I said, been busy.  Had to laugh.  When I was in the basement working, Leah would come to the top of the stairs every 30 or 40 minutes and meow as if to say, "You are supposed to be upstairs.  Whatcha doing down there?!?"  She's quite the companion and I love her bunches.  She was gifted a set of three fabric mice.  I named them Moe, Joe and Poe and I would hear her running during the night throwing those things in the air and playing with them.  Then nothing.  No mice.  I couldn't find them.  Discovered them in the bottom of a plastic totes I had at the base of the stairs in the basement.  She must've threw them up in the air and they landed in the tote and she couldn't get them back out.  The look on her face was priceless when I exclaimed, "Leah, I found Moe, Joe and Poe!!!"  I put them on the floor for her to play with and she batted them around for quite some time.  Woke up this morning and came into the kitchen to find one of them near her food bowls.  She's a keeper.  Silly kitty.

Progress on my Dutch Treat Design piece.  Since taking this picture, I've finished the top corner on the right, the jewels along the bottom on the right and a line of brown on the right. Will start on the second palm tree.  Have to say, the DMC pearl thread is pretty, has a colorful sheen to it.  Not sure I will do another project like this, but will finish this one and probably gift it.  My Stoney Creek O Holy Night Nativity is more than enough for me.  Now, having said that though, I may change my mind after this is done and keep it to display during the winter season or at Christmas time.

They Followed the Star Tabletopper
Dutch Treat Designs
18ct Ivory Anne Cloth, DMC #5 Pearl Cotton Threads
Stitching 1 over 2
Started 10/21/16
Progress as of 05/27/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This Piece So Far - 5

For a smile...

Flowers from my yard.  Royal purple is one of my favorite colors.  Didn't see them at first as they were hidden in the light purple irises.  When I did, I said out loud, "Thank you Lord, they are so pretty."  

Added two cobalt blue ceramic pots and bought some pink geraniums.  They sit at the top of the steps on both sides.  Surprisingly, they are living and doing well. 

My hostas are doing well.  No flowers yet, but the greenery looks good.