Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dutch Treat Designs - They Followed the Star - Half Way Point

Completed the fourth block.

Will reposition the Q-snap frame and start on the third corner - a palm tree. 

Would like to have this design done by end of August.  That's my goal anyways.  Whether or not it happens, we'll see.  But it's my goal.  

They Followed the Star Tabletopper
Dutch Treat Designs
18ct Ivory Anne Cloth, DMC #5 Pearl Cotton Threads
Stitching 1 over 2
Started 10/21/16
Progress as of 07/30/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This Piece So Far - 13

Also spent time cutting out the needed quilt pieces for my Diamond Stars wall hanging.  Machine sewed a couple of them together.  Had a few things happen this past week and haven't had time to return to work on it.  Getting the diamonds and triangles cut out is half of the project.  The rest is "easy" as in sewing it together and quilting the finished top.

This was a kit from Keepsake Quilting.  In laying everything out to cut the diamonds and triangles realized the kit was short with some of the needed strips.  Not good.  Kit was expensive.  If needed, I will sub with material I have in my fabric stash.  Need one 2-1/2" strip of light blue, one 2-1/2" strip of dark blue and one 2-1/2" strip of purple.  Depression era themed fabric.  I was going to substitute out the black fabric for a piece of blue I have, decided not to.  Pattern needs the black to accent the other colors.  

I plan to get the middle area and four patch squares sewn that go on the border first, then cut out the thin strips for the inner borders and the binding. 

Diamond Stars
Morning Glory Design by Reeze L. Hanson
Top - Cotton, Machine Sewn Together, Batting - Cotton, Backing - Cotton, Fabric To Be Decided
Will Be Long Arm Quilted, I Will Do the Binding and Hand Hem
Started 05/16/16
Number of Days Worked on Top So Far - 4 

In other news...

Brakes went out in my car again.  Took it to another repair shop.  While car was up on hoist, saw with my own eyes brake fluid leaking from first repair job.  Contacted shop where I had the first repair done.  Will be getting a full refund of my money I paid for that repair.  Second repair job will be a major expense - first of its kind for my car since owning it.  Bought it brand new in 2001.  Will have all new lines to both back brakes, new pads, rotors, and other components relating to brake system in the back.  Had the emergency brake cables/system changed out and repaired.  Also purchased two new tires as the one tire on the back was bald and the rubber was starting to split.  Been without my car since last Tuesday.  Am thankful God supplied the money and made it possible so this major repair could be done.  I use my car.  I also live in an area where the change of seasons can be harsh on a vehicle.  I am thankful that nothing serious as in having an accident happened while driving the car.