Friday, July 14, 2017

Finish Within a Stoney Creek WIP

Was a beautiful day yesterday so I leashed Leah, took my stitching project, chart, threads, scissors, ort jar and my highlighters and camped out on the front porch for the afternoon.  It was Leah's first time outside.  She enjoyed it and did well.  Was interesting to watch her watch the birds and the bugs. Watched the going ons in the neighborhood.  Just was a good day.  Nice cool, gentle breeze.  Was the first day in over a month that I have done any cross stitching.

Completed block five of a six block series.

Since taking the picture, I have repositioned the fabric in the Q-snap frame, put in a few stitches in block six with a new goal of having block six done by the end of the month.  Will mount, lace and do my own framing.  Saw a frame molding I liked in a shop in Waverly, Iowa when I was in there a while back getting some threads for my Dutch Treat Designs project.  Will make a visit and order a frame when I have all the stitching done.

I liked this block.  Was a gentle reminder to me that I am blessed and a child of God.  God is good.  Very. Good.

POM Series 11/14 to 04/15 Life is a Gift
Stoney Creek  
28ct Beige Jobelan, DMC, WDW, Classic Colorworks, ThreadWorx and 
Glissengloss Rainbow Blending Threads, Suggested Embellishments
Stitching 2 over 2
Started - 04/24/17
Progress as of 07/14/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This Thus Far - 30

Machine sewn finishes...

Q-snap frame and scroll rod grime guards

Cup cozy, Q-snap frame grime guard and needlebook

New sewing machine cabinet.  Solid wood.  Lift under the sewing machine.  Acrylic insert. 

Rearranged...from this....

to this....

I plan to rework the lattice covered counter top unit I have.  Not sure I want to keep it.  For now it is storing stuff so my cutting table is free.  I want to have a quilt design wall and would like to put that where the lattice table is.  So....until I'm given an inspiration before I fall asleep (usually when I get good ideas) or have a "light bulb" moment, this arrangement is what I'm going with for now.  I like it.  It gives me plenty of walk around room.  It's bright and cheery.  I play my radio, beep bop to the music, sing out loud and sew.  Leah naps nearby.

Have been thinking of doing blue gingham curtains and walls.  As in sewn panels, hung by PVC, putting that behind my tables and equipment for color.  That might be an expensive project, so am "thinking" on that one for awhile.  I rent this house.  I cannot do alot, but I am thankful my landlord has allowed me to do what I have so far - putting up shop lights, hanging pegboards, moving out bulky furniture (couch, chair and end tables).  Would like to have an area with a comfortable wingback chair where I could stitch using a floor frame.  Don't have the space in my living room for that.  Course, I could look at other rentals for more rooms on the main level and move again to which when I have those kinds of thoughts, they don't stay long.  The physical end of moving and packing for me is not something I want to do.  Nope.  I'm old.  This place has become my nest.  I'm home.

For a smile...

Leah enjoying the outdoors.  I love this cat.  She's burrowed into my heart.  We work well together. 

I did order her a longer 66ft foot leash so she can walk around in more space.