Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dutch Treat Designs - They Followed the Star WIP

Update - no longer working on this design.  Passed it on.  

My thoughts and prayers have been with those in the gulf region dealing with the recent storms and flooding.

I didn't get my goal met for having this done by the end of the month.  I committed to doing two ornament exchanges and have started those. One is for autumn and the other one is for Christmas.  I have the charts, thread and fabric for both.  I had cut out the fabric and serged the edges but realized I had calculated wrong and the pieces were too small.  They would have worked for the stitching area alone but they were just a wee bit short for making into an ornament.  So, I recut fabric for the autumn one and am getting more fabric for the Christmas one.  The autumn ornament is in the hoop and I've been working on it a little each night. Once I get the fabric for the Christmas one, will start that one.  Rotating between the two of them while working on the Dutch Treat Designs one.  Will share each one after the person has received theirs.

I grew tired of holding my Q-snap frame in my hands while stitching.  The bulk of the fabric was making it too cumbersome and heavy..  I extended the Q-snap frame, put it all in my buddy frame and sit here at my kitchen table and stitch using two hands.  Is going faster.  Perhaps by the end of September I'll have this one done.  Definitely would like to have it done by Christmas.

Was so happy I had only the second shepherd to finish so I could start on the last tree and realized I have to stitch an angel under the star!! Oops.

They Followed the Star Tabletopper
Dutch Treat Designs
18ct Ivory Anne Cloth, DMC #5 Pearl Cotton Threads
Stitching 1 over 2
Started 10/21/16
Progress as of 08/31/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on This Piece So Far - 20

What the topper looked like before starting the shepherd's block.  Will be two blocks left after the current one is finished.. Another tree and the wisemen.  Will be offering chart up for a giveaway when I'm done with it.  Chart is in booklet form, black and white charts.  

For a smile...

Leah just being her inquisitive self.  Brought a smile and a giggle.