Saturday, August 26, 2017

Update of Framing How I Do It post

I've been asked by several of my readers how I mount, lace and frame my pieces.

I shared with them that I was working on a new post that would show how I do it.

I have the piece stitched - Stoney Creek's POM series, my recent finish.

I was going to order a frame from a LNS but when I contacted her shop I was told she waits until she has four frame orders and then places her order.  Well, I didn't want to wait as I didn't know how long that would take as in weeks or months.  

I went into the local Hobby Lobby this past week, picked out a frame that will work, ordered the glass, foam core and spacers and once I have everything, I will do my post on How I Do It when it comes to framing a finished cross stitch piece.

I could have shown how I mount and lace before getting the frame, but I want to show what I do to the fabric before selecting a frame molding, how I determine what frame molding to use and what I do when it comes to making sure the glass, the foam core and the stitched piece will all three work together.  

I do apologize for it taking this long.

Regarding stitching or machine sewing, I'm participating in two exchanges, both cross stitch.  One is for Autumn or Thanksgiving (my favorite of all holidays) and the other is for Christmas.  Both to be ornaments.  So, I am focusing on that right now.  Don't want to share what I am working on as I would like it to be a surprise for the one that gets it.

In other news, am enjoying the change of seasons.  Autumn is here, maybe not officially by a date on the calendar, but by other indications or outward signs, it's here.  Am liking the cooler temperatures and change of color with the foliage.