Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Using a Laying Tool

My laying tools.  I like using them and usually use them when I have both hands free to stitch as in having my hoop or Q-Snap in some type of frame.  I don't use them with every piece I stitch but when I do use them, I like what they do to my threads.

Example of my set up using a floor frame.  The stitching has been completed, framed and hangs on my living room wall.  The floor frame was gifted to another stitcher.

I like how the laying tool smooths out the threads and plumps up (for lack of better way to describe it) the threads when doing cross stitch.

Can take a while to work out a system of holding both the tool and your needle, but once you figure it out it becomes second nature.

I am left handed so I hold the tool in my left hand, with my right hand under the fabric.

Note to reader - didn't realize that the video isn't uploading with this post. Somehow it got deleted when I took my blog offline and deleted posts. If I can find I have a copy of the video in my backup files I will upload it.  If not, will have to wait until I have someone that can videotape me as I am using my laying tool.  With just me and Leah (her being a kitty won't work) having an extra set of hands is not possible right now.  I do apologize.

Did the following with my left hand holding the laying tool and my right hand working the camera.

Positioning the laying tool and holding the needle.

Taking the first leg of the x.  Needle goes through fabric and is retrieved by hand underneath the frame.

Better picture of how fingers work needle and other fingers hold laying tool.

Bottom hand has needle.  Top hand works the laying tool.

Shifting laying tool in hand...

to get ready to pull needle from underside of fabric.

 Needle is pulled from the underside and the process starts all over again.

Another tool I use when cross stitching is a Needle Trolley Thread Controller.