Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Using a Needle Trolley Thread Controller

I explained how to use a laying tool in my Using a Laying Tool post.

In this post, I will explain how I use a needle trolley thread controller.

I'm left handed so I take my threaded needle in my left hand, needle trolley is on my third finger - works best for me. I make the first leg of the stitch.

I release the needle to the underside of my fabric, right hand takes and holds the needle.  I insert the trolley into the thread before the stitch is completed.  I rock the thread up...

then down at the same time pulling on my needle from the back of the fabric.  I want the threads to lay nice and even.

Once the threads are pulled from the back and the stitch looks good, is even and complete...

I remove the needle trolley from underneath the threads.

I repeat the process for the second leg of the stitch.

Completed stitch.