Thursday, September 14, 2017

Autumn Ornament Exchange

Recipient has received it and I can now share.

Stitched a design from a new to me designer - Chessie and Me.  Love how it turned out.  Stitched it using the suggested thread colors and fabric count.  I used a piece of fabric from my stash.

I chose this design after looking for "the one."  I liked it because it shares everything that autumn is...the harvest, the barn (am from Iowa), the pumpkins, the oak tree, the black crow, the acorns...the colors.  Beautiful design and I was challenged in that I had to stitch 1 over 1 in some places, satin stitch in others and do some smyrna stitches.  Kept thinking as I was working on this..."I gotta do this one for myself!"  I liked how it turned out.  It a wee bit large for an ornament, but it's pretty.

Harvest Time
Chessie and Me
32ct ? color Jobelan, GAST and WDW Threads
Stitched 2 over 2, 1 over 1 
Started 08/29/17
Completed Stitching 09/08/17, Completed Finish as Ornament 09/10/17
Number of Days Spent on Piece - 12

Ornament Finish - Foam Core Board, Glue, Sewing Thread, Cotton Quilt Batting,
Cotton Fabric, Twisted Cording, Metallic Thread, Ribbon, Button

Included (not required but wanted to) needlebook, Q-snap grime guard for 11" frame, DMC threads.

Also sent tatted bookmark from one of my favorite etsy (love that site - use it alot) artisans and charts that were included with purchased items I got in the mail - I knew I would not be stitching the designs so passed them along.  They were autumn or halloween themed.

In other news.

Working on ornament for the Christmas ornament exchange.  My goal is to have that one done by the end of the month. Not sure I will make it, but I will give it a good go.

Did pick up my frame, glass, foam core and spacers for my Stoney Creek POM finish.  Can now work on putting together a How I Do It Framing post.

It's autumn here.  Lovin' the weather and the temps. Have been able to turn off the a/c unit and open the windows.  Leah lays in the front window and watches what's what in the neighborhood.  Am not ready for winter this year.  Not looking forward to the snow and ice.

Thoughts and prayers have been with those dealing with the aftermath of the horrific storms in the south.

For a smile...

Leah staying close as I worked at the kitchen table.  I was putting the ornament together and she kept me company.

Leah waiting for me to turn my machines off and come upstairs.  I was sewing the above items.  She would rest for a time near my feet and then watch from the top of the stairs. I live alone.  She's alot of company.  I love her.