Saturday, September 30, 2017

Christmas Ornament Exchange Finish

Tracking says it was delivered today.  

Had started with another design, fabric and threads.  After struggling to interpret the chart and see where to stitch on the fabric (was 32ct linen) I pitched everything as in it all but the threads went into the garbage can and I started over.  

Exchange partner said she liked snowmen.  I found a cute whimsical design and stitched it.  Only thing I wish I could have done differently was with the cording.  I don't know how to make twisted cording (I can set it up and twist it, just when it comes to where there's resistance and of letting go so it twists into a length of twisted cord - that part I don't have mastered yet) and I wanted a cobalt blue cord trim along the edge.  I shopped in all the craft stores in this area and could not find cobalt blue twisted cord.  I shopped online but most of what I found was supplied from overseas and shipment was more than the cost for one yard of cording.  I passed.  I made do.  I did get a splash of cobalt blue in with the ribbon bows.  

The fabric I chose for the back had shiny silver swirls.  Made me think of blowing snow.  

Had new Christmas red and green DMC thread, a Christmas colored (red and green) tatted bookmark, a snowman themed grime guard for a 11" Q-snap frame ready to send with the ornament.  Received an email from the person saying all she wanted was just the ornament.  I get that as that was all that was required for the exchange.  The ornament was the only thing I put in the bubble mailer to the person.  I like to send extras expecting nothing in return except a stitched ornament for an ornament exchange.  This was a first for me in doing exchanges and I have to say that hurt.   

I like how it turned out.  

Whimsical Snowman with Cardinal
Leisure Arts 78 Cross Stitch Designs Christmas Ornaments
28ct Wedgewood Blue Jobelan and DMC Threads
Stitched 2 over 2
Completed 09/20/17
Number of Days Spend Stitching This - 4
Finished into Ornament 09/28/17

Items Used For Ornament Finish - Cotton Fabric, Matte Board, Cotton Batting,
Sewing Thread, Twisted Cord, 1/2" and 1/4" Ribbon, Button