Thursday, October 5, 2017

Missing In Action

I have had an interesting day today. 

Started out with it being a typical fall day.  Sunny one minute.  Overcast and raining the next.  Leah was curled up nearby. 

Finished up a small design. 

Went to take some pictures with my new Canon camera.  Lighting was not cooperating.  Will try again tomorrow.

Put everything away, got sidetracked working on a small stack of papers.  Got everything sorted out and in one of two piles - one to file away, one to shred. 

Turned on my laptop and downloaded pictures I had taken earlier in the month.  In the process of filing them in the their respective folders, I came across this picture. Don't remember taking it but I know it's mine as that's my scissors, my tablecloth, a former project I was working on.  Item is pretty.  Wondered what I did with it.  Where I got it.  Was it sent to me?  Did I buy it?  Did I send it to someone? 

Got all the pictures sorted out and had to find that pretty.

Looked in my plastic tote where I keep all my pretty cards and letters I've received through the mail.  Not there. 

Looked in all three bins on my mobile cart next to my stitching chair.  Not there.  BUT all three bins have been gone through, sorted, tidied up and organized.  Looks nice.

Went down into the basement and went through ALL my drawers of items in my machine sewing area.  Not there.

Went through the tubs in my cross stitch sewing area.  Fabric - not there.  But that tote is now organized. Went through my kitted projects tote.  Not there but that tote is shored up a wee bit better now.  Went through my counted cross stitching supplies tote.  Not there but everything in that tote is organized better.  Found a few things I forgot I had.  Found a journal I had been looking for.

It's evening, the sun has set and I have no clue where that pretty is or what happened to it or where or who I got it from. 

Wish I could be like Leah.  She sleeps, eats, plays and does her business in her box in the bathroom or in the basement.  She's good.  She's happy.  She's not like me who feels the need to organize (probably OCD here) and wonder about things.  Speaking of which, she's gotten quite vocal here recently.  I think she's turned a corner.  She's more trusting, more affectionate.  Wants to stay close and spend more time on my lap.  I love that.  In the evenings when I stitch and my feet are up on the ottoman I have a lap robe over my legs.  She will jump up, talk to me for a bit and then settle in, purring until she nods off to sleep.  The other day as I pulled into my driveway, I happened to see her watching out the front window waiting for me to come home.  Brought a smile.  I had been missed.  When I got out of the car and was at the front door she jumped down from her perch and was waiting for me as I came into the house.  I love her.  She's a good kitty.

Do hope I remember where I got that pretty and where it is.  Who knows maybe I sent it with something to someone.  If so, wonderful.  I don't want it back.  Maybe I got it in a package when I ordered something from etsy.  Maybe I got it off an end cap at Hobby Lobby. 

Just wish I could remember.

For a smile...

Have gotten some good pictures of Leah.  She so doesn't like the camera and it's been hard to get good ones of her.  Next month will be one year since adopting her.  Adopted her right before Thanksgiving last year.