Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Thread Cabinet - Detailed Information

Am providing additional information along with measurements for those that have asked.

When I view photos of sewing rooms or stitching areas where someone has handcrafted a beautiful piece of furniture or cabinetry for the one that enjoys working with needle and thread, I smile.  Makes me think of my late husband, Phillip, or Phil, as he was called by so many that loved him.  He loved working with wood and was a perfectionist with his skill.  Had he been alive to see our dream home come to fruition, I strongly believe it would have been a beautiful home.  We had picked out a beautiful piece of property and had taken our sketches to the architect to draw up blue prints.  The home would have had a den for his ministerial library and I would have had a sewing room with three walls of large bay windows with counter tops for sewing and cutting of fabric and lots of cabinets for storing my sewing/stitching inventory.  I miss him.  Was wonderful to say, "Babe, I am thinking about this such and such project, do you think you could make it for me."  To which he always answered, "Draw me a picture and I'll see what I can do."  When his cancer became aggressive and he could no longer physically work with his woodworking tools, many of the project ideas were filed away and  never done. 

Since doing my first thread cabinet post, I have decided to have a spindle cabinet made for my sewing machine and serger threads that would be within reach next to my sewing machine.    

Anyways, didn't mean to digress there but I just wanted to share that and to say I think it's wonderful when a person who enjoys working with needle and thread gets a handmade item that makes time spent stitching or sewing easier or better or more convenient.  

I went downstairs and took pictures of my thread cabinet.  The ceiling is low in the basement, thus not alot of height to work with for getting "looking down on" pictures.  When I took these pictures it was a sunny day.  I have one window and one light fixture in the area where my thread cabinet is stored.  

I'm not a woodworker.  Don't know the proper terminology as in type of wood or that sort thing.  I am just providing pictures and measurements.  

Now, going from top to bottom.

Top of cabinet, looking down.  
Measures 17-3/8" wide x 14-3/8" deep - edge to edge.

Will put this here. 

Side measurement.

Top edge of cabinet (without top, just side) to bottom edge of cabinet.
56-3/8" high x 13-3/8" deep/wide.  

Handles on each side.  Requested this so I could pull, push, rotate the cabinet.

This is the underside of the top - lifts up off of the base of the cabinet.  Is free standing as in no hooks, screws, hinges.  

Cabinet without the top.

Looking down into or onto the cabinet.  The cross bar is 15" wide.  Left side to right side.  The cross bar is one solid piece of wood.

I removed the top gray cabinet to show the back of it - holes.  I got these gray cabinets at Thiesens, bought six and when I first got them, had them hung on my wall.  With this cabinet, it is so much easier.  Three gray cabinets on one side, three gray cabinets on the opposite side, each side in a vertical column.  When I moved to a different rental, all I did was shrink wrap it all, keeping everything in place.  When I set up my sewing room, I just cut off the wrapping and everything was good to go.  Nothing was lost, misfiled, or broken.  So simple.  Nice.  

When I had the carpenter make this cabinet, I provided him one of these cabinets and a drawn picture of what I wanted.  I left the rest to him.  Oh, I did say I wanted it vertical and two sided.  Mobile with casters.  

This holds the gray cabinet in the wood cabinet.  I'll call it the inside bar.  There are three.  

The screws are set in 1/2" from the end and 1" from the top.  

The picture shows the top inside bar.  I didn't take out the other top gray cabinets in the front column, getting the top gray cabinet out was hard enough due to thread drawers and hard to see.  So I don't have the measurement for where the second bar and third bar rests.  Sorry about that. 

This shows the second bar.  Now that I think of it, I could have measured from the top bar to this bar.  Didn't think of that.  Will try and get that measurement and update.  Sorry about that.

The thread shown is the back side of the top gray cabinet on the opposite side and the top of the second gray cabinet on the front side.

From my first thread cabinet post.  Shows placement of the three bars.

Gray cabinet reinserted and top back on.


Measurement 16-1/2" wide x 13-1/2" deep.  Edge to edge.