Friday, November 24, 2017

A New Floor Stand

I don't use scroll rods.  Have tried and have ended up selling two complete sets of scroll rods, new, still in the package.  Do use wooden hoops but if it is a larger sized design, I usually switch over to using a Q-snap frame as I don't like smooshed stitches.  I like Q-snap frames because I can get my fabric tight and I feel my stitches are better due to the even tension.  It's all in the appearance.  I want to go back to doing two handed stitching and using my laying tool.  I want a frame that will hold my Q-snap frame while I stitch.

I had a K's Creation floor stand.  Used it for a time, but struggled with parts of the stand.  Didn't want to get another one of those.  I gifted the stand to a cousin when she said she was thinking about starting cross stitching again.

Have been researching and visiting websites looking for a needlework stand that I would like to invest in.  Viewed a couple youtube videos and made a decision this past week.

Contacted the nearest needlework shop (will have to travel out of state) where I could get one and placed an order for the Needlework System 4.

I will be getting the floor stand.

A frame holder.  This will allow me to stitch two handed using a wooden hoop.

A Q-Snap frame holder. Accepts frames 8" to 17".  That's a good range.  Any smaller, cannot work alot of area.  Any larger, makes for a tiresome reach across the fabric to put in stitches. 

In other news...

Have ordered frames for four of my recent finishes...

Diane Graebner Designs - Stitchin' Friends
Waxing Moon Designs - Let It Snow
Waxing Moon Designs - The Best Things
Waxing Moon Designs - Stitching Mends the Soul

When the frames come in, I will mount, lace and frame my stitching.

Hope your Thanksgiving Day was good.

Mine was not. I had purchased a full course Thanksgiving dinner (turkey and ham) with all the fixin's and drove 64 miles to my parental home.  It had been about 1-1/2 years since I had been home.  It did not go well.  Was told things Wednesday afternoon by my mother that shocked me and while it confirmed what I have suspected for years with her, hearing her say it and own it but not apologizing for it, wounded me very deeply, it hurt in ways I cannot express, don't have the words.  When my younger sister came through the door (she's 54, never left home, never married) my mom's demeanor changed and the exchange changed to accusations, denial, finger pointing and blame.   I don't cotton to that and questioned the change in both her attitude and what was being said.  After thinking on it most of the night, hardly sleeping, I made the decision Thursday morning after yet another exchange with my mother to leave with the dinner still reheating in the oven.  I drove home, bought a turkey dinner from the local HyVee and ate in the dining area there, alone.  Before leaving my parent's home, I told my mom I would not be contacting her again and that I would never again visit the house I grew up in.  I would not answer her phone calls should she attempt to call, that I would be changing my phone number (and have) and would return to sender any mail received from her.  I did ask why I wasn't aborted, miscarried from the womb, adopted out or allowed to die as an infant because of  her hatred and jealousy of me since my birth.  She didn't deny what I was saying by asking that question.  She didn't answer that question.  What she said prior to me asking that question had answered it though.  I have stepped off the emotional dysfunctional roller coaster for the last time.  I am doing this for me.  For my well being.  My health.  My life.  I am at a place in my life where if you can understand that, wonderful and God bless you.  If you don't, that's okay, you don't have the understanding of  my life by the current chapter you walked in on.  There's alot of history here.  Alot.  My dad''s death fractured the family (death can either fracture or mend family ties) in ways that, for me, will be never be the same. The recent death of my maternal uncle only widened that fracture.  My mom has unresolved bitterness, anger, resentment and unforgiveness stemming from her childhood with her father and siblings that has fed and continues to feed discord among her three daughters.  I no longer want to be involved with the constant pitting daughter against daughter or family member whoever they be against one another.  I cannot be a part of that.  I don't want that in my life.  Will I miss my family?  Yes.  Do I want them in my life?  Yes...But not when it wounds like it does.  Not when things cannot be worked out, forgiven and moved on from.  Not when all parties involved are not valued and accepted.  As I have said in my quotes page here on my blog, forgiveness doesn't mean keeping the door open and allowing it to continue.  Healthy boundaries are in place for a reason.  From this point on, I don't plan to share anymore about my family on my blog.  Will keep the focus on my work with needle and thread.

What do I or how do I feel today?  Am numb.  Still processing all I heard the past two days.  I will work through it.  God is here.  His comfort is here.  His peace is here.  If you are a praying individual, I would welcome your prayers.  Thank you.

Will sort through my kitted up projects and decide on which one I want to start on next.  Don't plan to get out and shop today.  "Black" Friday shopping has never been something I've done.  Have no interest in it.  Don't like the crowds, the noise, the "sales", the rudeness...all that goes with a one day sale event.