Sunday, November 12, 2017

I Found It!!

Thank you, dear reader for your prayers.  They were answered.

Every time I thought about "where is that needle?" my mind would go to my stitching cart that I have by my stitching chair.  I had vacuumed the floor.  Had done several sweeps over the carpet using my magnetic wand.  No needle.

A little while ago, I laid down my stitching, got up out of my chair, wheeled my stitching cart into the kitchen and started taking everything out of the cart.  One by one.  Item by item.

Nothing on the first shelf.

Nothing on the second shelf.

Nothing on the third shelf.

Beings I had everything laid out on the kitchen table that I stored on the first shelf I went through all the pouches, jars, bags...then...

in the yellow basket...

in the small decorative box where I have a few items stored...

attached to the small case of earth magnets...

was the...


I found the needle!!

I started crying.'s been found and Leah is safe.

My mind is totally at rest regarding this little item.

Folks, sure not a biggie in the whole scheme of things.  BUT...

God heard a prayer and He answered.

God is Good!  So good.

Reminds me of the time when I lived on campus and my husband has just died.  The memorial service was over, I was back home and several of the ministers from different ministries on campus came to my door asking if they could help in any way.  I shared that we had lived in married student housing and because I was now considered a single student I would have to move to different housing on campus.  I was given a nice two bedroom unit, but needed manpower to do the lifting and moving.  Several of the ministers and young men from their respective groups came on a Saturday morning, in the cold, and moved me from one part of the campus to the new area.  In my grief and having to handle or deal with alot (and doing it on my own), I had forgotten to take out the CDs from our CD/stereo unit.  The men moved it.  When I had everything connected back together and plugged in, I went to turn on the unit and the turn table wouldn't move.  It was jammed.  There was NO way I could open the trays to get the CDs out.  No way to force the drawers open.  No way. Period.  I just sat there.  Alone.  On the couch.  Missing Phillip.  Dealing with everything.  Wondering what the next day would bring and I said, "Lord, I need to hear the music today.  I need to be comforted by the ministry of music today.  I cannot and don't know how to fix what has happened to the stereo unit.  I ask you, Lord, please touch that stereo, straighten it out and let the music play. In Jesus Name, Amen."  I waited.  I didn't touch anything.  Then...

I physically HEARD the CDs drop into their respective holders, the player turn ON and the music PLAYED.  Believe what you want.  I KNOW what I experienced.  God was real then and is NOW.

The little things matter to God.

I praise Him.

I thank Him.

I give Him glory, honor and praise.

HE IS GOOD!  His mercy endureth forever.

Folks, I have tears running down my face right now.  I live alone.  I have Leah.  I don't have someone to talk to face to face in the home and cuddle up close to or be hugged by.  I deal with stuff on my own.  Trusting people is not done at a drop of a hat in my life.  I have reasons for that.  Good reasons.  I've walked through some hard trials and severe fires.  Learned a thing or two.  But through it all, I've not been alone.  God has been there, is here and will be here.

So yes, finding a needle is a big thing.  A real big thing.  It just lets me know God heard a prayer and answered.  He's real.  Very real.