Sunday, November 26, 2017

Stoney Creek Joyful Snowman WIP

A new start.

I've had this chart for several years.  Bought it when I saw it on Stoney Creek's website.  Not sure if it was in the clearance area or just where it was.  It brought a smile, I liked the colors and loved that the sleigh had the word Joy.  Joy is a favorite word of mine and has been for years ever since the Lord showed me a "nugget" in the bible regarding that word.

Isaiah says "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength..."  There's more to that verse but the first part is what was shown to me.  The bible also says, "The joy of the Lord is my strength."  The joy of the Lord is my strength.  Doesn't matter what else is happening, has happened or will happen, the joy of the Lord is my strength.  Knowing Him. Trusting Him.  That's joy...strength.  Joy is not happiness in the sense of the word happy or being happy.  Happiness comes from external events or things.  Joy is an unshakable, from the inner being, knowledge or belief that cannot be altered.  It's deeper than happiness.  Stronger.   So, yes, I like the word joy.  It holds special meaning for me.

Joyful Snowman
Stoney Creek
28ct Ice Blue Jobelan, DMC and Specialty Threads with Embellishments
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 11/26/17
Progress as of  
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In other news...

Called a local moving company this past Friday.  They will be here this coming Thursday to help me move my sewing cabinet, sewing machine and serger up from the basement to in front of my window in the living room.  Want to machine sew this winter.  Want to be able to look outside while doing it.  Want to sew in the warmth of the bright sunshine.  The basement is nice.  It's clean.  And if it's a sunny day, I do have lots of natural sunlight.  My shop lights provide good lighting, but while I have tried to make it work and it has, I want to be UPstairs sewing, not in a basement.  The basement gets bitterly cold in the winter and my landlord is not agreeable to me insulating around the foundation to help keep it warm.  I don't want to pay out for a space heater.  In fact, don't want to pay out (many cases not getting that money back) to improve a rental anymore.  Period.  That's why I pay rent to the's his/her property.  Have never owned a home, have always rented down through the years.  Lived in army barracks and college dorm rooms too.  While owning a home has it's advantages and to be honest I've considered it a time or two in the past two or three years, I prefer renting.  I don't have the skill, the physical strength and if I'm honest the financial wherewithal to maintain a home of my own.  I pay rent to someone that should, again I say, should take care of the rental.  With my current rental I feel I've gotten a nice place to live in, have been allowed to have a four-legged companion and have expressed that on my blog, however...what I haven't shared is the landlord hasn't always been open or receptive come time repairs or areas need attention.  I've paid out twice now.  A roto rooter service call and the repair of the mailbox.  One time.  Okay.  Two times.  Hmmm. No more.   

It's cold here now.  It's late autumn, early winter.  Snow will soon be here.  Spring ... now that's a different story.  I can make it till spring.  Can save up so I can hire workers to help with a move.  Would be nice to have a two or three bedroom (one of the bedrooms would house my sewing inventory) rental, everything on one level including the laundry room, with LOTS of  windows and a garage for my car.  I have some decisions to make.  Don't have to make them today.  Or even tomorrow.  But I can look and see what's available or what's out there. In the meantime, I can stay busy working with needle and thread, stitching and sewing and creating beautiful things. 

Plans for the rest of the day include putting my fabric in the Q-snap frame, putting in the first few stitches and shopping for a few grocery related items.  Might even treat myself to a buffet dinner today.