Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Stoney Creek Joyful Snowman WIP

Started at the middle and worked up and to the right.  Made a few counting mistakes and had to take out but I now have a face, a hat and a big cheerful smile.  Also have some of the scarf and sleigh stitched.  Seeing his smile makes me smile.  Makes me giggle.

Made two changes so far.  Instead of a gold bead in the middle of the holly leaves as per the chart, I used three small red Mill Hill beads.  Green holly leaves should have red berry beads.  Instead of doing a black x for the eyes, I used two black Mill Hill beads.  I have been doing this for some time beads for eyes.  Like the effect.  Makes the eyes seem "alive."  Usually wait to attach beads and buttons after getting all the stitching done, but I like a face to have eyes.  There's just something, to me anyways, about a face without eyes while stitching.  Kind of creepy.

Would like to have all the pearl cotton (not crazy about using pearl cotton but I am liking the shiny effect, pretty) snowflakes (gold beads to be attached in center of snowflakes after piece is totally stitched), the tree and the scarf done by the end of the weekend.  Once that is done, can reposition my fabric in the Q-snap frame to work on the sleigh and bottom of the design.

Needle minder from MixingItUpWithDBL, an etsy artisan.

Joyful Snowman
Stoney Creek
28ct Ice Blue Jobelan, DMC and Specialty Threads with Embellishments
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 11/26/17
Progress as of 11/29/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design So Far - 4

In other news...

Rearranged my living room (poor Leah, talked to me, meowing, wondered what was going on, reassured her she'll still have her perch to see out the window) so I have room for my sewing cabinet by my living room window.  Movers will be here tomorrow afternoon to help me bring my sewing cabinet up from the basement.  By the day's end today, I plan to bring up my sewing machine, my serger, contents of the sewing cabinet, the little stand for my serger and clear off the table I have in my cross stitch area.  Will switch around my current kitchen table with a smaller one I have in the basement in my cross stitch inventory area, the smaller wooden table was one I had in the kitchen when I first moved here.  My current table in the kitchen is big.  It's a nice table, but it's big.  It's round, has two drop leaves and four chairs.  For now the leaves are being stored in a closet.  I want more space in my kitchen area.  Tired of having to turn sideways to get through the countertop area to get to the living room and am tired of not being able to open my refrigerator door all the way when I empty out grocery sacks and put produce away.  Sighs...I want more room.  More floor space.  This rental is only 524 or maybe it's 574, not sure, square feet.  Not alot of space.  It works, it has and will until I find something better.

Once my sewing cabinet is upstairs and set up, first project will be to finish the small quilted wall hanging I've had listed on my WIP page.  Started that this past May.  It's about time that gets done.  Once that is done, will start on a doll outfit.  Want to work with my doll patterns. Want to work with colors and fabrics and trims and notions.  Just want to machine sew.

Got a call yesterday, my frames have been ordered.  Hopefully will have those before too long.  Will be able to frame and hang my last couple of finishes.  Still looking for a frame for the Waxing Moon Designs - You're My Sunshine piece.  Haven't found one I like.

Hoping to get a call in the next couple of days about my needlework stand.  Was told when the order was placed that the turn around time from order to receipt of stand wouldn't be long.  Would like to be able to two hand stitch again.  Find that it's easier, quicker and so much nicer.  I use my laying tool and find that my stitches look so much nicer.