Sunday, December 3, 2017

Stoney Creek Joyful Snowman WIP

Now have two arms, a scarf, top of the sleigh, upper half of the body, a star and start of the tree done.  My goal for the end of the weekend was the pearl cotton snowflakes (won't be done), the tree (maybe) and the scarf (got done).

Chart suggests using DMC #310 and stitching two buttons.  I bought small mini black buttons and will use those instead.  Chart suggests outlining the star.  Not sure I will do that as I like the shiny gold of the star, feel the DMC #3371 will somehow take away from the pretty shine.

Joyful Snowman
Stoney Creek
28ct Ice Blue Jobelan, DMC and Specialty Threads with Embellishments
Stitching 2 over 2
Started 11/26/17
Progress as of 12/03/17
Number of Days Spent Stitching on Design So Far - 7

In other news...

Movers didn't make it on Thursday due to having the flu.  Came yesterday and moved my sewing cabinet upstairs and switched out my kitchen tables.  Having my sewing cabinet in the living room makes for a tight fit, but it will work for this winter.  Can now machine sew and look out the window.  My serger is to the right along with the plastic tote containing cross stitch designs next up in the "to-be-stitched-next" queue.  Chair is on a floor mat for easy rolling around while sewing - can pivot between my two machines.  Gained more kitchen floor space by having a smaller table.  Don't feel so cramped or claustrophobic in the kitchen now.  Leah handled all the goings on on Saturday quite well.  Took it like a trooper.  Small brown cube on the floor next to the sewing cabinet is her toy box.  All her little stuffed "babies" are bedded down each night.  During the day, she gives them the "what for" as she bats them around and carries them from room to room.

Did bring a small machine sewing project up from my sewing room and was going to work on it today but it will have to wait.  The movers may have been feeling well enough to move furniture yesterday but I feel like I might have been exposed to a residual flu bug.  Perhaps later in the week, when I get to feeling better, I will machine sew.