About Me

Am a Christian.  Conservative values and beliefs.  Simple lifestyle.  Single (been divorced, been widowed), no children.  Own one adorable tortie kitty, Leah, that I adopted 11/29/16.  Born, raised and currently living in Iowa (have lived in Alabama, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Illinois).

Am a military veteran-served honorably.  Am a college graduate from three colleges (one university - magna cum laude, two community colleges - one with honors), attended a year of graduate college majoring in linguistics.  Prior career fields include medicine, administration and elementary education.  Currently medically retired.

Enjoy a variety of interests and hobbies.  Like doing needlework (crewel, counted cross stitch and embroidery), machine sewing (18" doll clothes, baby and adult clothing and quilting) and making beaded needle accessories.  Have been sewing in some form or another since 1971.

Abbie's Sewing and Stuff is my digital journal of my work with needle and thread, written in my voice, my style.  Sharing how I do what I do.  Sharing what I've learned while working with needle and thread.  The sewing/stitching community is a diverse group of people with varying talent and abilities.  I know I've been helped with my sewing/stitching skills by viewing blogs, watching how to videos on YouTube and reading or using books and magazines.  I'm not online blogging to one up, best anyone, out do or to compete with another talented seamstress/quilter/stitcher.  That's not who I am nor is it my personality.  What I share in my blog posts, I share to the best of my ability.  You do your thing and share.  I will do my thing and share.  If you happen to find that something I have shared works for you...wonderful!  Maybe you take what I share and tweak it a bit to make it work for you...again, wonderful! That's what it is all about, to me anyways, helping each other out so what they do turns out and makes a pretty finish.

Lastly, writing is the spoken word set down on paper or in this case to type.  While I've received a wonderful education and am thankful I have learned a thing or two, I still make mistakes.  Getting old isn't for sissies along with factoring in a few other things such as limitations or cognitive inabilities that can and do happen as a result of having diabetes and fibromyalgia - mistakes will and do happen.  I do proof before I post, but am not always successful in catching all the errors.  I ask that you overlook the error bumps and consider the heart of my posts.