My Stitching Nest

A work in progress as in I will update when I've rearranged an area or taken new pictures. 

I've shared about my sewing area.

Would like to share about my stitching nest or where I sit and stitch.

My first stitching nest or area where I would work on my stitching was in a small one bedroom apartment (2009).  Had just the basics.  A chair, a couple of lights, storage unit and stitching stuff.

Relocated to a two bedroom apartment (2011) and prior to making the smaller bedroom into a sewing room I would do my stitching in the living room.  My sewing buddy at the time, Gracie, would keep me company by staying close by.

When I got my sewing area set up in the bedroom, I would listen to the bible on CD, audio books and southern gospel music as I stitched.  I had quite the set up.  Passed the floor frame and all the attachments to my cousin (spring 2016) when she expressed a desire to start back up stitching again.

Moved into a one level unit (2013) and set up my sewing in the living room.  Had a few different arrangements.

I would work on smaller sized projects sitting on the loveseat which I soon discovered was pretty but not comfortable.

I would work on larger sized projects using my floor frame and would sit in my wingback chair.

After my dad died (2013) and I spent some time with my sister who lives in Minnesota (summer 2013), I moved (2014) to be closer to her and extended family.  A lot of my sewing and stitching inventory remained packed in boxes due to the condition of the rental.  Didn't do a lot of stitching or machine sewing in this rental.

After making the decision to move out of the above rental, I found a nice one bedroom home to rent (2015).  I have my sewing room in the basement and my stitching area upstairs in the living room.  The rooms are small but for one person, this house is okay and is one of the better rentals I've lived in.  With my former floor frame.  Project shown on floor frame - Stoney Creek O Holy Night Nativity -  has been completed, framed and hangs on my living room wall.

Purchased a mobile table to hold my buddy stand.  I am able to pull the table up close so I can stitch using both hands.  I can raise or lower the table.  The little collapsible table next to my chair holds my stitching accessories.

I hung my threads on the cell phone holder along with my chart.  This project has been completed, framed and hangs in my living room.

I passed on the wingback chair when I bought a recliner.  I was able to stitch with the buddy stand resting on my lap.  Found that the recliner wasn't the best choice as I was having lower back pain, so I gifted the chair to my cousin and purchased a new chair and ottoman.

I am able to put my feet up on the ottoman when I am working on smaller projects.  The cell phone holder holds my chart.  The table by my chair keeps all of my sewing accessories within reach.  I have two good lights - an OttLite and a lamp that has a LED bulb.  I get true light when I sit and stitch. My chair is positioned so I can see out my front door and both of the living room windows.

The folding tray has been replaced by a mobile three bin cart.

When I am working on larger sized projects, I use the mobile table.  I copy the chart, fold it and straight pin it to my fabric, saves time and less neck muscle strain from looking back and forth.  As I complete a section of the chart, I cut it off and shred it.  When the project is done, the copied chart has been completely shredded and thrown out.

I have a plastic tote with kitted upcoming projects and current WIPs - they have their own project bag and in the bag is the chart, fabric, threads and embellishments.  The white basket on top of the tote has additional cross stitching related supplies and accessories. The tote and basket sits under the countertop overhang next to my chair.  I can access projects when I want to change out and work on something different for a time.  I also keep my embroidery projects along with all my Hardwick Manor wooden hoops inside the tote.