How I Do It

Redoing my How I Do It posts.

As I shared on the sidebar on my blog I deleted over 90% of my blog content earlier this year.  Not all of my tutorials will be redone and shared.  Tutorials that were popular and most requested when I had them on my blog will be added back to the listing. 

If it's listed here, it's been redone and updated.

Fleece Chemo Cap

Framing - Part A - Mounting Cross Stitched Piece

Framing - Part B - Lacing

Framing - Part C - Putting It All Together in the Frame

Framing - Part D - Wrapping It Up, Finishing the Back of the Frame


Q-snap Cover a.k.a. Grime Guard


Scroll Rod Covers a.k.a. Grime Guards

Stitching Journals

Thread Storage - Thread Cabinet

Thread Cabinet Part 2 - Additional Information on Thread Cabinet

Using a Laying Tool

Using a Needle Trolley Thread Controller